Dog Shedding Remedies + 15 Natural Ways to Deal with Fur Loss

Regular grooming is a way to discover many health conditions, from cysts to ear infections. So keeping that long hair well-brushed and taking care of shedding is a must. But going to a proper groomer can be time-consuming and costly (at the moment of writing this article, it can cost anywhere from $40 to $75 depending on the pet’s size). So if you are on the lookout for efficient dog shedding remedies that won’t break the bank, read on through this guide.  

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How do dog shedding remedies work? 

It is natural for dogs to shed as it is for you to pee, so you cannot expect the shedding to stop completely. Considering that shedding is a natural process in mind, most anti-shedding remedies aim to reduce hair loss instead of finding a cure for shedding dogs.

Shedding in dogs could have a variety of reasons that will determine the remedy’s course of action. Some potential causes are:

  1. Infections that lead to skin irritation 
  2. Parasites infestation
  3. Excessive licking
  4. Skin allergies and irritation
  5. Hormonal changes
  6. Nutrient deficiency
  7. Separation anxiety

See other causes of dog shedding in the guide by Pets WebMD. Remedies will work by treating the underlying cause of the problem to reduce dog shedding naturally. 

What are the pros and cons of over-the-counter shedding remedies?

Most over-the-counter (OTC) medications for shedding are either vitamin pills or shampoos. The primary benefit of these products is that they stop dogs from shedding in excess. In addition to this, they also:

  1. Improve your dog’s skin and coat health
  2. Provide essential fatty acids and vitamins to reduce shedding
  3. Provide zinc and antioxidants
  4. Help with allergies
  5. Moisturizes and exfoliates the dog
  6. Stimulate the release of a dog’s undercoat
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On the other hand, since OTC shedding remedies are usually vitamin supplements, excess intake could occur, causing hypervitaminosis, which induces the significant cons of using these drugs. Anyway, if you can regulate its use correctly, you would not have any challenge. Amongst some option to try one by Nutri Vet it comes with fish oil, garlic, and zinc and seems to be working pretty well for overall pup’s skin health (which is directly related to shedding). 

How to stop dog shedding naturally? 

Most of the natural remedies for dog shedding include dietary supplementation and pet care. They are usually things that you can easily do for your canine at home to feel better. Natural preventive maintenance is always the best option for shedding since it does not have harmful effects on canine’s health. We will talk more about the natural shedding remedies for dogs below. 

Using olive oil in dog food for shedding

Olive oil is the best remedy for shedding dogs at home. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that improve skin and coat health and other benefits. The implication is that when your dog has a healthy coat, they tend to shed less. It is advisable to feed your dog a tablespoon of olive oil each day in their meals.

If you cannot find olive oil, another alternative is fish oil, which also has numerous health benefits and contains omega-3 fatty acids. Furthermore, you can use oils rich in omega-6 fatty acids since they enhance coat health. 

15 home remedies for excessive dog shedding

As dog owners dealing with pup’s hair falling out excessively, we are continually searching for homemade remedies for dog shedding.  As those are more cost-effective and natural. As we earlier understood, a healthy dog will shed since hair grows and breaks in a cycle. So, although we cannot completely stop our dogs from shedding, we can find multiple ways to reduce the amount of hair they have to lose.

Here are some home remedies for dog hair loss:

  1. Olive oil
  2. Apple cider vinegar
  3. Molasses
  4. Tea tree oil
  5. Fish oil
  6. CBD oils 
  7. Flaxseed
  8. Coconut oil
  9. Chia seeds
  10. Plain Yoghurt
  11. Hydrolyzed protein diets
  12. Oatmeal
  13. Fruits and vegetables 
  14. Vitamin E
  15. A lot of water

All these at-home remedies have different actions that address various causes of shedding in dogs. It’s best to check the use of each of these products clearly and their right doses to avoid making mistakes that could cost you your dog’s health. Lastly, before starting any treatment at home or professionally for your pup, it’s best to contact your vet.

Grooming tips to prevent dog shedding

The remedies for dog shedding related to grooming include bathing, brushing, getting rid of fleas and ticks, and deshedding. Following a proper grooming schedule with professional groomers can help reduce your dog’s shedding rates.

Giving your dog a bath

Bathing your dog allows room for excess hair to fall into the shower so that they do not shed all over the place. However, when cleaning your dog, some crucial points to note are:

● Use a pet-friendly shampoo to avoid discomfort. 

● Give baths once or twice a month to prevent excessive moisture loss and potential drying out of the skin.

Brushing and combing your pet’s hair

Brushing your pet’s hair is an excellent way to bond with your pet while preventing excessive shedding all over the place. You can use any comb or brush depending on the dog’s fur pattern. While you brush your dog’s fur, you can search for signs of bad health like cuts, bruises, swelling, and more so that you can contact your vet immediately.

Removing fleas, ticks, and other ectoparasites

Ectoparasites, especially fleas and ticks, are part of the significant contributors to shedding in dogs. These parasites make dogs itch and bite their bodies, which causes excessive shedding. Getting rid of fleas in canines will resolve one underlying cause of shedding in dogs. It will help your dog feel better and reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning regularly.

Using clippers and deshedding tools

Deshedding tools and dog clippers reduce the amount of fur on your dog’s body to minimize the shedding rates in your dog.

Best dog hair loss home remedy

The best home remedies for your dog’s hair loss include:

  • Proper grooming procedures
  • Using nutritional supplements
  • Serving healthy foods and including anti-shedding meals like molasses and olive oil in their diet
  • Brushing frequently
  • Vacuuming
  • Using air purifiers to filter dust and allergens
  • Hydration

These are all procedures you can undertake at home once you purchase the right tools for them.

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