How Expensive Is It To Treat Mange In Dogs?

Mange is an extremely painful and irritating skin condition in dogs. This is a result of an overgrowth of mites in your dog’s skin. The naked eye cannot see these mites as they are microscopic. Mange can lead to fur coat loss redness, cause extreme irritation to your dog, and require immediate treatment and attention. 

Mange can be of two types. Sarcoptic Mange is also called scabies and is the most common in homeless and neglected dogs and those dogs with a poor immune system. On the other hand, Demodectic Mange is less common and is contagious in nature from one dog to another. Since Mange requires immediate treatment and attention, you might wonder how expensive it is to treat Mange in dogs.

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How to know if your dog has Mange? 

Being a pet parent comes with the additional responsibility of being extremely observant of your dog’s behavior. With the help of these clues, you will be able to find out whether your dog is suffering from a skin infection like Mange. 

Some of the most common symptoms associated with Mange include alopecia or complete loss of hair or fur coat in your dog, severe itching, and irritation all over your dog’s skin. There can also be raised bumps, especially around the chest area of your dog, self-inflicted deep or superficial wounds, and finally, the appearance of crusted skin formation around joints and ankles. For the most part, it is important to look out for the symptoms as soon as they appear because how expensive is it to treat Mange in dogs increases with the worsening of the skin infection. 

Treating Mange in your dog

Before finding out how expensive is it to treat Mange in dogs, it is crucial to be aware of the treatment options available. Treating Mange is not easy, especially because they are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

Generally, your dog will need to be taken to the veterinarian and kept absolutely neat and hygienic at all times. Vets often prescribe some form of a topical medication that will eliminate the motes, or antiparasitic oral medications may also be relied on. For the most part, it also comes down to applying the right shampoo and providing your dog with proper antibiotics. Trimming fur is often also suggested, depending on your budget. 

The cost of mange treatment

Mange is a serious condition and one that needs immediate attention. Additionally, it is also an expensive disease that will require good money. Since Mange cannot be treated at home to a sufficient degree, it will be pretty costly, especially if the condition has become moderate or severe. So, if you are wondering how expensive is it to treat Mange in dogs, it takes about $250 to $500 to get the correct diagnosis and adequate treatment. After the treatment is diagnosed, the procedure lasts for another 90 to 120. The cost increases with the time it takes for the treatment to work. 

How to prevent Mange in your dog

Since you now know how expensive is it to treat Mange in dogs, it is best to prevent it from happening to your dog in the first place. Since Mange is communicable and transfers from one dog to another, you should be mindful about the dogs that your pet is mixing with, as there is a good chance for them to pass it on to your pet dog. Besides, you should also be mindful about neutering a dog who already had Mange, as it can be passed genetically from mother to their puppies. Mange is also dependent on the immune system of your dog. So, the best way to keep Mange away is to keep their immune system well-oiled and up to date. 

Although treating Mange is quite expensive, it is essential to provide your dog with the proper care to thrive and live a happy life. Keep your dog healthy and hygienic to keep Mange away at all times.

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