How Long Does It Take For Prednisone To Work For Inflammation In Dogs?

One of the most important things about being a pet parent is that you have to be able to take care of them, especially when they are sick. As a pet parent myself, I have been blessed with the company of my dogs, who bring so much love into my life. So, when they fall sick, it is truly a tough time where I only want to remedy their problems as soon as possible. One of the most difficult things a dog has to deal with is inflammation, and Prednisone is an FDA-approved medication for dogs to treat inflammations. 

Now, you must wonder how you can use Prednisone on your dog, what dosage should work best, and how long does it take for Prednisone to work for inflammation in dogs. Before you administer Prednisone to your dog, it is important to learn about the side effects and risks to be well informed! 

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How does Prednisone work in dogs, and how long does it take to work?  

Prednisone is one of the most effective medicines for dogs and humans when treating inflammation. That is available in tablet forms, generally taking about 2 hours to be dissolved into the bloodstream. There are also other formulations of Prednisone that have a delayed response time of about 6 hours. 

When it comes to the question of how long does it take for Prednisone to work for inflammation in dogs, it actually works very quickly, and you will be able to observe a significant reduction in the level of information in about 1 to 4 days. In fact, the medicine is so powerful that you may even be able to notice changes just after a few hours of administration. The peak plasma concentration after the administration of Prednisone is reached in about 1 to 3 hours. Right after it has been released into the animal’s bloodstream, the drug starts to work on the inflammation providing relief to your dog. 

What is the right dosage for prednisone administration?

Now, how long it takes for Prednisone to work for inflammation in dogs also depends on the dosage of Prednisone administered to your dog and the condition being treated. Prednisone is generally prescribed to dogs depending on their body weight and the condition they are suffering from. 

For the most part, it is essential to adhere to the information and instruction provided by your veterinarian. Prednisone can lead to various side effects and is also associated with many risk factors that have to be kept in mind. Following the guidelines provided by the veterinarian is very important to save your dog from any such side effects.

On your first visit to your veterinarian, your dog will be prescribed a higher dosage of Prednisone for immediate management of the inflammation. You will be able to notice the changes quite optimally. Once the symptoms are reduced, the usage will also likely decrease. 

Side effects of Prednisone

Once the Prednisone is released into your dog’s bloodstream, you will be able to see side effects if your dog is not able to process the medication properly. It depends on how long does it take for Prednisone to work for inflammation in dogs. It is essential to be vigilant after administering your dog this medication because there are many side effects that may develop. 

These include: 

  • Stomach irritation.
  • Fatigue and lethargy.
  • Diarrhea and vomiting. 
  • Behavioral changes such as increased aggression. 
  • Increase in appetite. 
  • Frequent urination. 
  • Allergic reactions. 

In case of any such visible side effects, it is crucial to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. While the other side effects can be managed with the help of other medications, an allergic reaction can actually be very fatal for your dog. Depending on how long does it take for Prednisone to work for inflammation in dogs, you have to keep a close eye on your dog and how they are doing after administering Prednisone. 

Prednisone is a great medicine to help your dog against inflammation or other diseases like Addison’s disease or autoimmune diseases. However, use the medicine with care and stick to the veterinarian’s guidelines with utmost dedication. 

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