How to Get Rid of Worms in a Dog without Going to the Vet?

Being a pet parent comes with numerous responsibilities. All come under your care, from taking care of your pet’s regular food intake to ensuring that your furry friend is doing well physically. Hence, one of the most important things you must do as a dog parent is to observe your pet’s needs and requirements.

One of the most uncomfortable feelings for a dog is when they have worms on them, and you need to get to work finding how to get rid of worms in a dog without going to the vet. The various worms that might inflict your dog include tapeworm, roundworm, heartworm, whipworms, and many more.

In a study conducted on dogs and cats, it was found that about 16.5% of dogs suffer from some intestinal parasites. Hence, you need to be armed with homemade solutions on the go!  

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How to get rid of dog worms fast?

As a dog parent of many years, one of the most important lessons is to always act fast. If you are wondering how to get rid of worms in dogs, the first thing is proper identification. Once you have identified the symptoms of worms in your dog, you must start with a homemade dog dewormer remedy as soon as possible.

This way, you will ensure that your dog stays healthy and full of life. You must always take your dog for an annual check-up for parasite testing. Even if your dog has had no issues with worms in the past, these annual checks can help as a preventative step and allow you to take quick action if and when needed.  

How to deworm a puppy naturally?

When it comes to deworming a dog at home, many ingredients can come to your aid. While treating intestinal parasites may call for active ingredients, treating external dog parasites is all about some manual labor. There are various things you can choose from when it comes to home remedies for worms in dogs. Some of these are as follows: 


 Carrots are a great worm killer for dogs because they are high in vitamin A. Chopped carrots are great for the walls of the stomach and when digested in the gut, help remove parasites and mucus. The best part about carrots is that they can be given to your dog as a treat or may also be included in their meal. This vegetable is absolutely safe for dogs and the perfect source of nutrients required for removing parasites living in the intestines of your dog. 

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are another excellent worm killer for dogs. They contain cucurbitacin, an effective amino acid that kills or removes parasites in dogs. This amino acid present in pumpkin seeds paralyzes the worms to be effectively eliminated from the intestine.

Although they can be served whole to your dog, you can also grind them into a fine powder and sprinkle it over their meal if you are a fussy eater. You must use raw pumpkin seeds, and about 1 teaspoon for every 10lbs of your dog’s body weight is the perfect dosage. 


 Coconut has been known as an effective vermifuge or a natural puppy dewormer. It helps to get rid of worms from your dog’s body. You can use dried coconut for your dog, and you simply have to sprinkle it over the pet’s typical meal.

On average, a large dog requires 1 tablespoon, whereas small to medium dogs need one teaspoon to two teaspoons, respectively. The best part about coconut is that it can be served to your dogs in many forms. You can also choose to administer them with coconut oil, which is very effective against internal parasites while also having other health benefits. 

Does apple cider vinegar kill worms in dogs?

Apple cider vinegar has numerous health benefits not only for humans but also for dogs. When it comes to finding a method for deworming a dog at home, apple cider vinegar is quite effective. Apple cider vinegar helps increase the alkaline level in the dog’s intestine.

A rise in alkalinity makes for an inhospitable environment for worms and parasites. This way, you can get rid of worms from your dog’s insides. You can give about a quarter teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, depending on the size of your dog.

But you have to make sure that the apple cider vinegar you are giving your dog is organic and devoid of other chemicals. In addition to improving digestive health, apple cider vinegar is also vital for improving the health of your dog’s fur and immunity.  

Pumpkin seeds for worms in dogs

Pumpkin seeds are another excellent worm killer for dogs. They contain cucurbitacin, an effective amino acid that kills or removes parasites in dogs. This amino acid present in pumpkin seeds paralyzes the worms to be effectively eliminated from the intestine.

Does garlic kill worms in dogs? 

Among other home remedies for dog worms, garlic is also excellent for killing worms in your dog’s intestine. Make sure to chop the garlic and let it sit for some time before giving it to your dog. This helps release the active component in garlic.  

How to get rid of tapeworms in dogs naturally 

Tapeworm is one of the most common worms that affect dogs. If you are looking for an herbal dewormer for dogs against tapeworm, there are many remedies to choose from. Some of the most common ingredients against tapeworm include garlic, pumpkin seeds, Oregon grapes, and wheat germ oil.  

How to treat roundworms in dogs at home 

Roundworm can be eliminated from your dog using various natural ingredients that act as homemade dog dewormers. Some of these include chamomile, turmeric, garlic, and more. 

Best natural dewormer for dogs 

There are many natural puppy dewormer, and most of them have been mentioned above. Choose the ingredient that your dog likes and work around the dosage to find the right balance.  

Getting rid of worms is very important for your dog. These natural remedies are well tested and offer great solutions. 

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