7 Secret Hacks of Shih Tzu Puppy Training

One of the most popular dog breeds today is the Shih Tzu. They are adorable creatures that make a good addition to your family. However, just like any pet dog, you should know the best methods to Shih Tzu puppy training. This will ensure that the dog adjusts well to its new home, and be a better member of the family.

A lot of people think that puppy training is hard. While it is challenging, you should note that it is doable. It requires a lot of time and effort, but the results are rewarding. Shih Tzu puppy training is important to establish a good relationship between you and your new dog. Below are the seven secret hacks to make puppy training easier.

#1 Show Love during Shih Tzu Puppy Training

One thing you need to understand is that dogs are peace-loving animals. When you treat them right, they will cooperate with you and love you back. You should remember that your Shih Tzu requires comfort, love, food, and warmth. If you give all of these things to your dog, then they will be loyal and easier to train.

#2 Learn How to Communicate

Communication is important when it comes to Shih Tzu puppy training. You need to understand your dog’s nuances. While dogs can’t speak, you can understand what it wants through body language.

#3 Show Who is the Boss

Puppies will naturally follow the pack leader. A pack leader is someone who is consistent, stable, and strong. Your Shih Tzu can sense your confidence levels, and will take control of someone who is perceived to be weak. And that’s why you should show the pup who is the boss to ensure that it will grow into a balanced and healthy dog.

#4 Don’t Give in to Puppy’s Needs

Puppies try to assert their will onto their owners. It is important that you don’t give in to its demands all the time. It is important that the puppy knows you will not respond to all his demands.

#5 Choose Name Wisely

The name of the dog important and that’s why you should choose it wisely. It is recommended to choose a short name with a strong consonant at the end. That way the dog can hear you clearly when you call its name. You should associate the name with fun things so that your puppy will think of his name the same way he thinks of other good stuff such as dinner, walk or cookie.

#6 Start Shih Tzu Puppy Training Early

Housetraining should begin as soon as the puppy arrives at your home. This will ensure that your home will not be messy. However, some pet owners think that they should also include other training along with housetraining. This should be avoided because your pet will be overwhelmed by the additional practice. You can check more about this kind of learning in my article about potty training Shitzu (Shih Tzu).

#7 Avoid Biscuit Training

Relying on treats during Shih Tzu puppy training is bad because it is based on the puppy to decide when he is hungry enough to listen to your commands. The best training method is through respect training, which is teaching the pup to respect you as the leader of the pack.

These are the seven hacks that will make Shih Tzu puppy training easier. Whether you are housetraining or teaching a simple command, you should have a positive attitude all the time. And remember to praise your puppy every time it does something good. A simple “Good dog!” goes a long way.