Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix: Your Full Guide to the Breed

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What is an Auggie?

Officially called the Aussie Corgi, but also referred to as the Auggie (Augie) or sometimes Corgherd, this designer dog of the two great origin breeds obtains the short, chubby legs of Corgi and the vibe of the Australian Shepherd.

Corgi Aussie Mix history

Aussie-Corgis are recognized as designer dogs. This indicates they are a originated of two pedigreed dogs of various breeds, Australian Shepherd and the Welsh Corgi.

The Welsh Corgi, or just Corgi, can be two types: the Pembroke Welsh and the Cardigan.

Corgi was born in 1925, around Wales, the United Kingdom in 1925. And the initial purpose of the breed was herd cattle. The Australian Shepherd, (also called “Aussie”) has no apparent history.

It is generally accepted that the breed was formed in America in the 19th century. And believed that Aussies are descendants of shepherd-family dogs from Australia from the 1840s.

The two breeds both associated with herding dogs, which are recognized for their intelligence and endurance. Mix Australian Shepherd with Corgi and you will make a wonderful pet that will entertain you with his cuteness and smarts – the Aussie-Corgi. The name Aussie-Corgi is accepted by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Herding drives are plentiful within the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Australian Shepherd mix, along with its inherent passion for socialization and affection. The Aussie Corgi is a pet for years to come and will prove itself to be the most excellent companion you could ever likely find.

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With that being said, if this is your first time adopting a dog, it may be daring for you to settle with Corgherd, because of the independence streak of its parents. If you have the previous dog-ownership experience, It will be less challenging. However, this breed still has some distinctiveness. So let’s dig deeper into learning the qualities and temperament of the Aussie Corgi by looking into each of its parents thoroughly.

Auggie dog breed: main facts

Average Weight20 - 30 pounds
Average Height10 - 13 inches
Average Lifespan12 - 15 years
Easy to TrainYes
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsBoth smaller and larger places are fine
PersonalityFriendly, affectionate, stubborn

How big will Auggie dog get?

Protective and energetic Augie is a small, short dog, that lets it stand only about 10 to 13 inches tall. The weight of the Mix will fall within a spectrum of 20lb to 30lbs on average.

Australian Corgi Lifespan

The average lifespan of a fit and happy Aussie Corgi dog can be as long as 12-15 years.

How does Corgherd look like?

Most of Auggie’s coat is tricolored. It is typical to spot a Corgi Aussie Mix with a combination of white, black, and brown fur. Sometimes they can be black and white or tan and white only. It is also likely to meet a black and tan Augie with the minimal number of white bits. Their coat is dense and silky.

How active is Australian Shepherd Corgi mix?

Meet Elektra (@elektra.aussie.corgi)

All in all, this is a vigilant and alert dog that likes to be active and exercise a lot without getting tired quickly.

The endurance of this breed is most praiseworthy, and it will not hide away from tough work.

Aussie Corgi is not the best suited for living in small areas, like studios and apartments. This dog needs some space for playing and running.

Corgi Aussie Mix: personality and temper

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix will prove to be the most reliable friend you likely ever have.

On the downside, despite the delicate and friendly nature of the Auggie, this can be an unusually stubborn dog that likes to remain on its own rules.

As they originated from a herding background, Aussie Corgies are tending to become too demanding and love for their masters to wait on them. They like to be the center of attention, and this desire is only surpassed by their resentment of being forced or commanded.

Cutest Corgherd called Apollo (@apollotheaugie)

On top of it, this dog is loud, and it will bark at anything that it believes to be suspicious or unusual. But thankfully these dogs are easy to train. Although you have to have a  firm hand to deal with their stubborn character.

The best solution would be to utilize its intelligence at maximum and include mindful activities into their training and exercising routines.

Auggie dog: diet and exercise

As it’s fair for all breeds, the solution to fostering a healthy puppy is high-quality dog food. Because of their petite size, Augie’s body does not require extreme amounts of food.

In fact, your pup will do fine on a frugal diet that is just enough to keep them saturated during the day and stops them from overeating.

Extra pounds on their slender silhouette can put more pressure than they can take on their spines.

The Aussie Corgi mix will do great outside and therefore will need an abundant quantity of daily exercise to train its mind and body.

Very often corgis are prone to allergies especially when we talking about food. When giving anything new to your pup, do it slowly because feeding it in volume may provoke diarrhea. Commercial dog food produced from high-quality ingredients is ok.

Dry dog food or treats may also be fed with homemade raw produce. Canines love meat and will also appreciate a portion of vegetables or fruits from time to time. Your vet may suggest kibble if the dog is hypersensitive to human foods including chicken, beef, and grains.

And obviously, daily walks are of the highest importance if you don’t want your Aussie Corgi ruining the house because of being bored.

This is a people-dog that is very excited to communicate with others, both people and animals. So, keep its curious and outgoing character satisfied, entertain your dog with ventures that include toys and other exercises where it can follow unknown objects.

Australian Corgi: grooming and bathing

Charming blep performed by Auggie Elektra

The length of their hair can go quite long, with the fur randomly growing over the surface of their body. They shed heavily because they have somewhat thick double coats.

Here are some suggestions on how to maintain your pet’s fur tidy and clear from skin rashes:

Brush. you must brush them weekly to prevent the tangles. It is common for your Auggie to shed twice a year. When picking a brush for your dog, always search for one with soft pin ends so your pet’s skin doesn’t get hurt, like from Hertzko.

During the shedding period, the de-shedding tool will get handy. It gets rid of dead hair without destroying the topcoat. Use a wire brush for efficient removal of the loose hair.  

corgi aussie mix bathing

Bath. It is advised to bath your Aussie-Corgi every month or two. And it’s not a bad idea to do it on a bi-weekly basis during the shedding period. For dogs with double coats, like Auggie’s, vets recommend using a shampoo that gets through the long coat easily but is also not hard to wash off.

Keep your dog’s skin fresh and healthy with shampoos that are free from chemicals such as parabens. The best idea is to use a hypo-allergenic shampoo particularly if your dog is prone to skin allergies, (e.g. plant-based hypo-allergenic shampoo+conditioner from Barklogic. Smells and rinses will, great for sensitive skin and also makes pup’s coat all fluffy). Don’t use anti-shedding shampoo. It’s too harsh for Auggies’ skin.

Apollo’s handsomeness definitely requires some nutrients 🙂

Add some nutrients. Supplement with fatty acids nutrition influences all aspects of your pet’s health including skin’s condition. Low-quality food may not have the adequate nutrients your dog requires.

To make sure that skin and fur will be fine vets often suggest giving dogs fatty acids, like as Omega-3. This supplement does miracles to a dog’s skin as it stops itching and drought (e.g. chewy bites from Zesty Paws). More than that, it can support a dog’s immune system and minimize the consequences of allergic reactions.

PRO Tip: Since your pet has the inclination to shed regularly, it helps to have haircare tools for easy clean up of various kinds of surfaces like furniture or clothing (try pretty much universal self-cleaning brush). This collection can be especially helpful during the shedding season.

Aussie corgi mix: health issues

The Aussie and the Corgi have similar life spans, but the Aussie may live a bit longer. Both breeds are usually healthy, but just like any dog, they require decent care to be in their best shape.

The Aussie-Corgi can be predisposed to some medical conditions inherited from its originators.

Here are the ailments  to be aware of when you’ve adopted an Aussie-Corgi:

Cataract. Both the Aussie and the Corgi are inclined to cataracts so it is also possible for their children to have it. As soon as you’ve noticed that your Auggie suffers from inflammation in the eyes and it has an abnormal discharge, it is better to call your vet.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). The initial sign of PRA is night blindness. Later on, dogs exhibit the expansion of the pupils. In the later stages of the disease, the dog may get entirely blind. If these signs are all present, the dog should be brought to the vet quickly for a definite diagnosis. The vet will want to check the retina via electroretinography to figure out what’s going on.

corgi and australian shepherd mix

Epilepsy/Seizures. The patent breeds are both exposed to having epilepsy so it is not unlikely for pups to have this condition as well. In dogs, it is often represented by drooling, twitching muscles, and shaking. A dog having a seizure will fall and appear frozen. This is the most common type of neurological condition amongst dogs. If it happens to your  Aussie-Corgi, you should take it to the vet.

Hip Dysplasia.  A dog experiencing from hip dysplasia will be hesitant to do his normal activities such as jumping and running around. If there is a striking change in his behavior and ranges of motion, you have to schedule an appointment with the doctor for further examination.

Some other genetic health issues that the Auggies are at risk of receiving are obesity, deafness, joint problems, and drug sensitivity.

Australian Shepherd Corgi mix. Summary

If you’re thinking about starting a family, or have always visualized that perfect house with your kids running around, playfully following after and being chased by a dog, you should thoughtfully consider taking an Auggie puppy home.

It will quickly customize to your lifestyle, and it’s one of the most loyal and versatile dog breeds. Coming from a herding family, your Augie will be alert, protective, and energetic.

However, don’t get an Auggie if the dog of your dream is hypoallergenic. They shed often, and they may require quite challenging coat maintenance. If you are easy-going, the Auggie will be capable of keeping up with your lifestyle. And I can’t emphasize enough – the best thing about Auggies is their limitless loyalty and devotion to the owners.

Credits: cover photo from Reddit. And a huge thanks for other pictures in the text to cool pups (and their hooman parents) Elektra (@elektra.aussie.corgi) and Apollo (@apollotheaugie)