Beagle Pitbull Mix: Grooming, Training, and Common Health Issues

A Beagle Pitbull Mix appeared as a result of breeding between an American Pitbull Terrier dog and a Beagle. This mix is quite rare; however, I tried to do my best to find as much data as I could and structure it at your convenience in this guide.  

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How else do they call Beagle Pitbull mix?

There are different names for a Beagle Pitbull. Mostly those come from various combinations of the parent breeds. For example, Beagle Pitbull Mix, Beagle Pit, Beagle bull, Beagle Bull, Pitbull Beagle mix, Beagle Pit, Pit Bull Beagle, Beagle Pitbull, and Beagle Pit Bull.

Beagle Pitbull mix: breed specifications

Average Weight30-40 pounds
Average Height18 - 20 inches
Average Lifespan10 - 15 years
Easy to TrainYes
Energy LevelHigh
Space RequirementsLarger place with the yard is preferable
PersonalityEnthusiastic, powerful, affectionate

How big will Beagle Pitbull get?

Once a Pitbull Beagle has grown sufficiently, it will be around 18 to 20 inches tall. A fully-grown Pitbull Beagle Mix will weight around 30 to 40 pounds. But it can differ because of the environment provided to a dog and the dominant genes of a particular pup. 

The lifespan of Pitbull Beagle

The Beagle Bull average life expectancy is anywhere from 10 to 15 years. The better you care about your pup, the longer he or she will be around. 

Beagle bull temperament

The Beagle Mix is confident, enthusiastic, and sturdy-strong. They have a loving nature, and they show a high amount of affection to everyone. Their calmness, together with their keenness to please their owners and other people who happened to be around, doesn’t make them a good guard dog.

Meet Daisy. She is a Beagle Pitbull mix and you can watch her growing at @daisythepitbeagle.

Training tips for your Beagle Pitbull

The Beagle Pitbull Mix will possibly inherit some aggressive tendencies, so this dog has to be appropriately trained. You should take them outside to interact with other dogs and people.

Taking them out will help them grow and become aware of their environment. You will have to be consistent at training them and establish yourself as their leader. You can also offer them tasty treats or appreciation because it will help a long way in their learning process.

Does Pitbull Beagle mix shed?

As the Beagle Pitbull has a dense dual-coat, your puppy can shed slightly all year round. And a bit more between the seasons. That silky and short coat needs to be brushed just once a week.

Beagle Pitbull: grooming and care

Pitbull Beagle, for the most part, is a low maintenance breed. Its coat needs to be brushed once a week (maybe twice between the seasons) to keep a healthy look.

They’ll also need a bath from time to time, if they have a good roll in the mud somewhere or when they smell funky. And you should always use the dog shampoo, rather than the one that you use to avoid harm your pup with harsh chemicals that we humans are getting used to.  

Just Dasiy being pretty

Beagle pit mix: possible health issues

Hip dysplasia is a condition in the hip joints deform, and it can also cause arthritis, which is very common in both Beagles and Pitbull. Unluckily, both Beagles and Pitbull are also likely to have obesity, and an overweight dog is at higher risk of hips deformation.

Beagle Pitbull mix: is it right for you and your family?

They are highly intelligent, especially if you give them the right training. A Pitbull mixed with Beagle can make the best family dogs. Both parent breeds tend to be friendly and sociable, while at the same time being protective about their the family.

They are one of the best dogs to keep as a pet because of their size and weight. You can leave your kids with them without worrying about anything. Moreover, their loyalty is also incomparable. So, if you like all of that – then this mix can be the right fit for your family and you.

Credits: thanks for the photo to Canva and cool pup called Daisy from @daisythepitbeagle.