Beagle Poodle Mix: Do They Shed? Are They Healthy? How to Train Them?

The Poodle, a cross between the Poodle and the Beagle, was first created in the USA in the 1980s. Poodle and Beagle are among the most popular family-friendly breeds in America. And Beagledoodle definitely deserves a closer consideration if you are looking to adopt a new pup.

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How else do they call Beagle Poodle mix?

She is also called a Beagapoo, Poogle Hound, Beapoo, Beagledoodle, and Beaglepoo. And, inevitably, you can come across all sorts of combinations of parent breeds names too. 

Beagle Poodle Mix: breed specifications

Average Weight20 - 30 pounds
Average Height10 - 15 inches
Average Lifespan10 - 13 years
Easy to TrainYes
Energy LevelAverage
Space RequirementsBoth smaller and larger places are fine
PersonalitySmart, loyal, friendly

How does Beagledoodle look like? 

Meet Beagledoodle called Chase (from @chasemarleythepoogle)

Beagle Poodle Mix has a stout body, small-sized, with their body length being longer than their height. Therefore, they have a rectangular shape.

The face of the Poodle is nearly similar to its Poodle parent, with their wavy hairs frequently falling across their muzzle, forehead, and cheeks. Their floppy ears hanging close to their eyes and the rounded eyes remind of their Beagle parents. The density of the coat largely depends on the ruling genes inherited from the parents.

How much do Beagle Poodle puppies weigh?

A Beagle Poodle mix, Poodles combine the characteristics of both parents. They are usually about 20 to 30 pounds. You should take your pup to the doctor if it isn’t maintaining this weight.

Awwww!!! the cutest Beagapoo named Chewy from @keepingupwith.chewy

How Big Do Poodles Get?

The Beagle Poodle Mix can get as tall as 10 to 15 inches, although this may be affected by things like the environment, genetics, and nutrition.

The lifespan of Poodle Beagle mix

They are expected to live around 10 to 13 years on average. But the lifespan can decrease or increase because of some factors like proper care, pup’s happiness, diet, etc.

Beagle Poodle temperament

Poodle Beagles are very friendly pets. Beagle Poodles also have a great sense of service and loyalty. That’s why most people consider them excellent pets and companions.

How easy is it to train the Beagle Poodle mix?

These dogs are quick learners, but you can never tell a fixed time for dogs to get trained. Some dogs might get trained in weeks, while some may take months. But you can start by giving them simple commands.

Training tips for your Poogle

The best thing to do with this Beagle mix is to get along with your dog. You shouldn’t try and force things on them. A lot of people push the dogs to do different things, which scares the dogs. So, you should begin by teaching them simple tasks like follow you, sit or stand. Once they aced these simple commands, they’ll learn other things as well.

Chase is all prepared for the training!

Do Poodle Beagle mix shed?

 If your dog has a longer coat, then you must brush more frequently to minimize the chances of tangled furs. You shouldn’t worry about a lot of shedding, because they are famous for having minimal shedding.

If your poogle has a longer coat, though, then you must brush him or her frequently to minimize the hair tangling. 

Poodle and Beagle Mix: Grooming and Care

Grooming requirements will vary dependent on the coat. With coats that look like the Beagles needing less care than a coat like the Poodle.

Poogles with wavy, curly, or long fur might need to be clipped frequently to keep their coats looking good. While the shorter straighter furs that resemble more to the Beagles may only need to be brushed weekly.

Perfectly groomed Chewy

Beagle Poodle Mix: Possible Health Issues

Some common health problems that may affect this mix are eye and ears issues, hemophilia A, and umbilical hernia. If you poogle in not getting the proper care, he or she might also be at risk of intervertebral disk disease.

To recognize these illnesses, you’ll have to go to various examinations: thyroid, eye, and hip tests. So regular checkups with your vet is a must for this mix. 

Poogle: Is It Right for You and Your Family?

If you are looking for short and intelligent dogs, then they are the best choice. Your children will love them because of their friendly and calm nature too. So, all in all, it’s an excellent pet to have. 

Credits: thanks for the photo to Canva and cute pups from @keepingupwith.chewy and @chasemarleythepoogle.