Blue Buffalo Recalls: Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food Safe? 

You’re likely aware of the Blue Buffalo controversy if you’re a dog owner. Blue Buffalo dog food is extremely popular among pet owners. However, the recent upsurge in Blue Buffalo recalls is making dog owners fear. Is Blue Buffalo making dogs sick? Are dogs who have consumed Blue Buffalo puppy or dog food at risk of suffering from serious side effects? Let’s explore everything in detail.

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What is Blue Buffalo Dog Food?

Your dog’s diet will determine their health and well-being. Selecting the right dog food from the right brand is an essential responsibility for every dog owner. Blue Buffalo is an extremely popular dog food brand. Countless pet owners across the world select this brand for their pets. Pet food products from this brand are often advertised as healthy, holistic, and free from unnecessary additives. However, Blue Buffalo dog food recall is a way too common occurrence.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently launched an investigation into possible links between dog food products and heart diseases. The agency listed several pet food brands in this investigation, including Blue Buffalo. The Blue Buffalo brand name was mentioned 31 times in the FDA’s 2019 reports. This isn’t the first time Blue Buffalo has found itself in controversy. Blue Buffalo dog food side effects were being discussed way back in 2007.

Between 2007 and 2022, there have been several Blue Buffalo recalls. The brand’s “grain-free” dog food items, in particular, have been recalled several times. Why are so many products from this brand recalled and deemed unsafe for dog consumption? What are the recent cases Blue Buffalo customers need to be aware of in 2022? Let’s explore if this “healthy and holistic” pet food brand is safe for your dog.

Is Blue Buffalo Killing Dogs?

This seems like a difficult question since we’re discussing one of North America’s leading natural pet food manufacturers. But, it’s the burning question on the minds of many pet owners who use this brand. It’s hard to say whether one or multiple dogs directly died because of eating treats from this brand. But Blue Buffalo has been under fire for some of the ingredients in their products for several years.

In 2015, the Connecticut-based pet food company paid customers $32 million in settlement. The firm was accused of making false advertising claims about the ingredients in its products. This class-action lawsuit was initiated in 2010 and settled in 2015. During this period, many pet owners have claimed to be victims of Blue Buffalo dog deaths. Are these claims 100% substantiated? No. The brand has denied that its products kill dogs as well.

But, the $32 million settlement proved that the brand was involved in nefarious practices like –

  • Knowingly marketing pet food products that had wrong labels full of misinformation.
  • Lying about the ingredients in their dog food products.
  • Claiming their products had no animal or poultry by-products when many of their pet foods did feature those ingredients.
  • Falsely advertising its products as free from corn, wheat, or soy when that wasn’t the case.
  • Falsely advertising its products as free from artificial preservatives when that wasn’t the case.

Are blue dog treats killing dogs? It’s hard to say “100% yes,” as these products don’t directly trigger deaths. But, they have made many dogs feel unhealthy, and many dog owners feel irresponsible with their false & misleading advertisements. 

Do Blue Buffalo Products Make Dogs Sick?

Many pet owners have reported that their dogs developed diarrhea after eating products from Blue Buffalo. Some say their dogs experienced severe bouts of vomiting after eating these products. Many dogs have had severe allergic reactions to the brand’s dog food as well. So why are products from Blue Buffalo making dogs sick? The main reason is misinformation. 

  • Many pet food brands, including Blue Buffalo, use the term “all-natural” to describe their dog food products. The term is hollow because even an “all-natural” dog food product can contain artificial ingredients that cause harm to dogs.
  • The company is famous for its range of “grain-free” dog foods. That’s why the owners of dogs with legitimate grain allergies use this brand. However, the latest Blue Buffalo dog food recalls are centered around these grain-free dog diets. Recent studies suggest that such grain-free products can cause heart diseases in canines. Hence, Blue Buffalo is under fire again.
  • How many Blue Buffalo dog deaths have been reported due to these factors? There’s no way to determine that dog death or sicknesses are caused by food products from this brand. Although many pet owners attribute their pets’ poor health conditions to their pets’ food, several other possible culprits exist.

Despite the uncertainty, it’s clear that dog food products from this brand have been “suspect” in the past. They have caused illnesses and upset many veterinarians and industry experts. Pet owners must learn about the Blue Buffalo controversy and consult with veterinarians before selecting this brand.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Problems

The Blue Buffalo controversy can be divided into two sections. The first controversy is that the brand has falsely advertised its products in the past. The second controversy involves the numerous instances of Blue Buffalo dog food recalls.

Artificial Ingredients and False Advertising: Blue Buffalo has been sued by their customers & competitors for claiming their products only contain natural ingredients. For instance, the brand used corn gluten & chicken by-products instead of real meat in some of its products. Despite this, they advertised their products as “100% natural.” Dog owners who unknowingly used these “natural” products claimed that their dogs’ suffered because of the artificial ingredients.

Blue Buffalo Product Recalls: There have been five notable instances of Blue Buffalo recalls in the past. In all cases, the brand was accused of using the wrong ingredients in its dog food products.

The History of Major Blue Buffalo Recalls 

Here are the major instances of Blue Buffalo puppy food recalls in recent history –


In 2007 (4/26/07), Blue Buffalo recalled all dog treats (including canned dog foods) sold under the “Blue” dog food brand. The FDA confirmed that the dog food products sold under this brand contained melamine. Melamine is not an FDA-approved ingredient for pet food manufacturers.


In 2010, the brand recalled certain dry dog food products sold under its “Blue” brand. Products like the “Wilderness Chicken” and the “Basics Salmon” were deemed unsafe for dog consumption. These dog food products contained excessive amounts of vitamin D. Before the Blue Buffalo healthy weight recall, approximately 36 dogs fell ill due to these products.


In 2015, the product “Wilderness Wild Chews Bones” was recalled by Blue Buffalo. The product was suspected to be causing salmonella in dogs. The same year, “Blue Kitty Yums Tasty Chicken Recipe,” a cat treat from the brand, was also recalled. It contained propylene glycol, a banned ingredient.


In February 2017, the brand recalled a dog food product because it was suspected to be contaminated by metals.  

In March, another product (the “Blue Wilderness Rocky-Mountain Recipe Red-Meat Dinner Wet Food for Adult Dogs”) was recalled. The product contained elevated levels of beef thyroid hormones.

Another set of products was recalled by the brand for packaging issues in 2017. According to Dog Food Advisor, many wet food containers sold by the brand didn’t meet adequate safety standards.


In June 2019, Blue Buffalo was one of the 16 pet food brands investigated by the FDA. The brand’s “grain-free” kibble dog food products are suspected of causing heart diseases in dogs.


There have been no major Blue Buffalo dog food recalls since 2019. In 2020, Blue Buffalo was sued by an individual customer in New York. Like previous cases, the brand was allegedly engaged in false advertising. Besides that, there has been no major Blue Buffalo controversy since then.

Recent Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recalls in 2021 & 2022

There have been no major Blue Buffalo dog food recalls in 2021 or 2022. Overall, Blue Buffalo has had five major recalls in its history. Only three of these recalls have resulted in dogs falling seriously ill.

Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food Safe?

Like many dog food brands, Blue Buffalo has had its fair share of controversies. But, its high-protein, grain-free formulas are still extremely popular among pet owners. The variety of choices pet owners get – from senior dog foods to products for dogs with allergies – is amazing. But, pet owners must be extra-cautious when buying Blue Buffalo dog food. Learn about Blue Buffalo dog food side effects before buying any products. More importantly, consult with your dog’s vet before using this brand.

Keep up-to-date on all the latest news regarding dog food product recalls. Always investigate the dog food brands you spend money on. Make sure your dog eats only safe, healthy, and FDA-approved food! 

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