Can I give my dog quick eze? Is It Safe?

Quick eze is probably the most common antacid all over the world. This medication gives immediate relief from heartburn and gas for humans. But is it safe for dogs? Even though there are medicines that can be safe for humans and their pet canines, not everything is universal. Many dog parents often ask, “can I give my dog quick eze?” Do you have the same question? Then there are all of your answers.

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Is quick eze safe for dogs?

Well, technically, it is safe for dogs. Quick eze contains calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, and magnesium trisilicate. These compounds are safe for dogs and usually do not cause harmful side effects. In addition, as per modern studies, a few antacid medications are safe for dogs in quantities of 0.25 mg/lb of body weight. But that may not be applicable in every case. 

Hence, if you find your dog is suffering from acid reflux or bloating, it is better to consult the vet before you administer the quick eze to your dog. The vet will offer you the proper recommendations and may also guide you to give your dog the correct dose of antacid.

What quick eze can do for dogs?

As you wonder, “can I give my dog quick eze?” remember that the case for dogs is that the human medication dose may not work well for them. It is because the canine’s stomach is different from the human stomach. Dogs usually ingest foods and medications more quicker than humans. Hence, the drug may pass through their digestive tract too soon. That means their body may not get enough time o to absorb the quick eze you give them. As a result, the medicine may not be effective for them at all. But if the medication is given at the dose ideal for your dog’s health, it may give them some quick relief.

But, if your dog suffers from recurring acid reflux, it is better to find a suitable medicine that treats its condition. For example, quick eze may be effective for mild upset stomach or mild acidity. For the worse case, the vet may prescribe an antacid that contains magnesium and aluminum.

Can I give Quick eze to my dog as a calcium supplement?

Some people often give their dog quick eze as a calcium supplement. The high amount of calcium compound present in this medicine may seem fit for use as a calcium supplement. 

But, if you continue to give your dog quick eze, there can be a calcium overdose. This can lead to serious health issues in dogs. Hence, it is better to consult the vet before doing such things. Self-medication can be way more dangerous for your dog than you can imagine!

Are there any side effects?

Well, as it has been told, antacids like Quick Eze does not cause any severe harm to dogs. But, there are a few cases where the compounds present in Quick Eze have caused serious side effects in dogs. 

For example, loose stool, diarrhea, and constipation are some of the most common side effects in dogs. In addition, with continuous use of Quick eze, your dog may suffer from serious conditions like electrolyte imbalance, irregular heartbeat, or even kidney damage. 

Dose of quick eze for dogs

For dogs, often, the dosage of Quick eze differs from that of humans. Here is a general guideline of the dosage-

  • 6 to 10 grams of Quick eze per 24 hours for giant breeds is recommended. It may be given at once or divided into equal doses twice or thrice. 
  • For large breeds, the prescribed dosage is 4 to 6 grams per day. 
  • For medium breeds, 2 to 4 grams of quick eze per day is recommended.
  • For smaller breeds, the maximum dosage is 1250 mg per day.
  • For puppies, your vet may adjust the dosage as per the weight of the dog and its breed. 

The vet may prescribe the whole dose once daily or break it into smaller doses twice to thrice daily.

The dosage may also differ if your dog is undergoing other medications.

How to give your dog the medicine?

If your dog is prescribed Quick eze, it is better to give them the medicine directly by mouth. First, gently open their mouth, place the medicine on the back of their tongue, and then close their mouth. Next, gently rub their throat to encourage them to swallow the tablet. Alternatively, you can also use a pill pusher.

Quick eze, a popular antacid for humans, is generally safe for dogs. But, since their digestive system is different, it is better to ask the vet for the right dosage to give your dog some relief from acid reflux. 

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