Can Dogs Eat Cheetos (Spicy Hot or Not)?

Cheetos aren’t exactly at the top of the healthy food list, but we love them anyway. And if you’ve ever caught your pup trying to sneak a bite of this snack, you know that dogs love them, too. Several dog owners are guilty of using Cheetos as treats for their pups.

But should you ever allow your dog to eat it at all? Let’s figure out what is it made of to start.  

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Is Cheetos Bad For Dogs? 

The primary ingredient of the Cheetos is cornmeal. 

While it was used as a dog food filler for ages, it’s not the healthiest component for the dog’s diet. Many dogs are struggling to digest it. Not to mention that nowadays, corn is mass-produced with the help of all sorts of herbicides and GMOs, making it grow bigger and faster. If Cheetos mainly consist of that, it’s not good for them in general. 

Some of the others Cheetos ingredients include sugar, salt, a mix of spices, maltodextrin, modified starch, citric acid, mix solids, cornflour, lactic acid, and artificial colors with funny names (fd&c yellow no.6. fd&c yellow no.5, fd&c red no.40, fd&c blue no.2). And that’s to name a few. 

And as for its nutritional value… According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Food Database, the 100g serving of Spicy Cheese Cheetos contains 541 calories, 7.07g of protein, 56.54g of carbs, including 3.5g of fiber and 31.8g of fat, including 10.6g of “bad” saturated fats. It also has 1095 mg of sodium, which is way too high for any pup. An average-sized dog shouldn’t be eating more than 100mg of sodium per day.

In a nutshell, lots of calories, lots of artificial colors, bad fats and sodium, and hardly any nutrients. 

So Cheetos are definitely not a good food choice to serve your dog.

What Happens If a Dog Eats Hot Cheetos? 

Hot Cheetos are not healthy or suitable snacks for your dog. If your puppy consumed hot Cheetos, it could cause diarrhea or stomach problems in the next couple of days. The hot and spicy treat makes its way in the dog’s digestive tract until it causes digestive issues.

Furthermore, Cheetos are full of fats, sodium, and oil, which can trigger diarrhea in pet dogs. It can lead to the development of more severe health problems, such as pancreatitis, heart problems, and diabetes.

Cheetos is a high-calorie treat without dietary benefit and really should be avoided as part of your dog’s regular diet. And spicy food overall causes nothing apart of distress to your pet. You can check our guide about dogs and spicy foods for more details. 

My dog Ate Hot Cheetos, What Should I Do Next?

If your pup has eaten Cheetos (hot or not), you should look for symptoms and check for the unusual behavior of dogs. If the symptoms start appearing, you should consult the vet immediately.

Sometimes eating a small amount of Cheetos does not present any danger. If accidentally your dog consumes a small amount of Cheetos, he may be fine. However, if it has eaten a large quantity, then it can be dangerous for your dog’s health.

Can dogs eat Cheetos? Summary

There are many wonderful foods for dogs – but Cheetos are not one of them. Instead of manufactured snack foods, stick with giving your pooch dog-appropriate treats that will distract your pet from any tempting (but dangerous) human treats.

A great alternative can be high-quality bully sticks. We have a complete guide about those treats. Read it to learn anything from why dogs love them and home to make those sticks last. Jump in for more: Best Bully Sticks for Dogs: Here’s What You Have to Know

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