Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs? Which Ones? Uncooked? With or Without Buns?

Our pups love eating. So unless your dog is a picky eater, he or she will most likely eat whatever is offered, regardless of whether it is meat or a bug. And sometimes it might not be the best strategy for pooch’s well-being.

But can dogs eat hot dogs?

Some of up can imagine that it’s a relatively safe option. Well, hot dogs come with many ingredients other than solely pork or beef. It is also not a surprise that this type of processed meat is high in bad fats and calories. So let’s try to address this question by digging out more details. 

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Are hot dogs bad for dogs?

Depending on the recipe, hot dogs can be produced using dozens of ingredients. And some of them, such as sodium nitrate or monosodium glutamate (MSG), can be really bad for dogs. E.g., sodium nitrate is often linked to cancer. Likewise, other hot dogs have seasonings and powders that may put your dog’s health at risk – it can include anything from garlic to onions.

Also, in most cases, your typical hot dog is very high on sodium (it can be as high as 400-500mg per 100g). And it won’t do any good for your pet. As the recommended daily intake of sodium for a 30-pound dog is about 100 mg per day. 

You should also know to be aware of the fact that 100 grams of hot dogs have around 300 calories and 30 grams of fat (too fatty for your pup!). Some of the hot dog’s ingredients might trigger allergies in your dog, and the shape of the food also poses a choking hazard.  

Dogs and hot dogs

Can dogs eat uncooked hot dogs?

It is always better to cook any raw food, whether it is for humans or dogs. The purpose of preparing or reheating is to kill the bacteria present in the diet. And hot dogs are not an exception. E.g., one study found that 20% of the leading brand of hot dogs tested contained pathogenic bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes.

So you HAVE to cook any meat, hot dogs included, if you are sharing it with your pup. 

Can dogs eat hot dog buns?

It is not recommended to feed bread to your dog in general. So the rule of thumb here is: “the lesser, the better.” You should also take note of your dog’s sugar and carbs intake. As both of those macros are present in buns.  

Can dogs eat turkey hot dogs?

White meat like turkey promotes muscle building in dogs. And it’s a known great source of protein in general. Turkey can also be an excellent alternative for pups who are suffering from chicken allergies.

So in case your turkey hot dogs don’t have any dodgy ingredients and cooked properly, you can share a small piece with your dog as a treat on rare occasions.  Learn more details about dogs and turkey in my research “Can Dogs Eat Turkey: All Science-Backed Pros and Cons

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Can dogs eat pork hot dogs?

Pork is also a great source of B Vitamins and zinc. And since it’s so fatty and smelly, dogs tend to love this protein dearly. As with the turkey – you should keep an eye on the hot dog’s label.

If the recipe uses healthy ingredients, low in sodium, and not too fat, you might try it. But again, don’t forget about cooking in (grilling or boiling will do) first. More about dogs and pork in my report “Can dogs eat pork?

Is it safe for dogs to eat hot dogs?

Given that you know that all the ingredients of the hot dogs are safe for dogs, it was cooked (grilled or boiled), cut into small pieces to avoid choking, then it’s safe to share the hot dog with your pet as a treat in small servings. 

And it’s better to avoid buns and all the typical human condiments, like ketchup or mustard. 

My dog ate hot dog. Should I be worried?

If your dog snatched only one hot dog, there’s most likely nothing to worry about. Yes, your pet might experience diarrhea, but this should pass. Although it’s always best to watch your dog and call the help of a vet if some other symptoms will appear or diarrhea persists. Also, make sure to give him water to avoid dehydration in any case of diarrhea or vomiting.

Hot dog treats

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Hot dogs per se might not always be the best treat idea for your dog. However, you might opt-in for a recipe that still tastes like a hot dog, but is way safer for your pup. 

For example, Hot Dog Minis are made with real beef and taste like real hot dogs. The recipe is fortified with various nutrients, essential for your pup’s health. And it’s only 20 calories per treat.  

Can dogs have hot dogs? Summary

Even responsible humans are avoiding eating too many hot dogs. And your dog definitely is more at risk after eating any kind of processed meat. Given that most of the hot dogs’ recipes include preservatives, condiments, and seasonings, this food is generally not recommended for your dog.

But, if you still want to feed you dog hot dogs, always make sure that it has less sodium and fewer preservatives. And it has to be cut and cooked. Keep the serving size small too, or better yet feed your pooch hot dog treats instead of hot dogs. 

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