Corgi Pug Mix: Full Guide to Personality, Grooming, and Training

Corgi Pug mix originated by blending two small (and adorable) breeds – Pug and Corgi. Both parents have a loving and playful attitude, which makes Porgi them one of the most popular amongst both Pug and Corgi mixes. But let’s figure out if these dogs are as cool as it may seem on the surface.

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How else do Corgi Pug mix dogs called?

This mix often comes by a cute nickname – Porgi. But you may also encounter different combinations of parent breeds names, e.g., Pug Corgi mix, Pug Corgi, etc. 

Corgi Pug mix: breed specifications

Average Weight14 to 30 pounds
Average Height10 to 13 inches
Average Lifespan12 to 15 years
Easy to TrainA bit challenging
Energy LevelHigh
Space Requirementsboth smaller/larger spaces are OK
PersonalityFriendly, loyal, and devoted

How big do Pug Corgi mix dogs get?

Since both parents are small breed dogs, your adult Porgi most like to be between 10 and 13 inches tall and weigh something like 14 to 30 pounds. 

The lifespan of Pug Corgi mix 

With a proper diet and enough exercise, the average life expectancy of Corgi mixed with Pug can be up to 12 – 15 years. The oldest Pug lived 18 years. So who knows, maybe your Porgi will be around even longer. 

Pug and Corgi mix temperament

Corgi Pug gets several charming traits from his parents. So these pups turn out to be friendly, loyal, and devoted friends. But it has some downsides too – they are prone to separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. 

Porgis are also known to be good with children. However, don’t forget that Corgis have a solid herding drive. So your pup might perceive running children as a part of a herd that has to be disciplined. But with the proper training early on, you can ensure that this won’t happen. 

How easy is it to train Pug Corgi?

Porgi inherited intelligence from both parents. So training this hybrid pooch is not that difficult. The only downside is that these dogs can be a bit stubborn. So you have to keep the training challenging and be firm along the way. 

Training tips for your Corgi mixed with Pug

It’s best to start teaching and socializing them from the very early puppyhood. These dogs react well to positive reinforcement training, so you’ll have to buy a supply of pup’s favorite treats during the training sessions.

Important note about potty training. In general, smaller dogs usually take longer to learn potty than larger breeds. And they also have a smaller bladder, so they have to relieve themselves more often.

You could start by using a crate. This gives your little pup a secure place to curl up, so it is not as nervous, and the training can be more efficient. And be patient with your dog. Never hit or raise your voice if you want a good response from your pet. 

Does Corgi Pug shed?

Since both Corgi Pug mix parents have coats that always shed your pup won’t be a hypoallergenic dog, by any means. So be prepared for possible allergen risks and fur dropping all over your place and things. 

Pug Corgi mix: grooming and care

As we’ve established, Porgis are heavy shedders. So daily brushing will remove loose hair along with any dirt. The best brushes to use for this mix are de-shedders (Pet Neat has an ). 

Another part of the grooming routine is to brush the pup’s teeth regularly. It’s also crucial to keep the dog’s ears clean and nails trimmed. If the Pug’s genes will be dominant and your Porgi inherits those cute face skin folds, you will have to clean them too to prevent the risk of various infections. 

And the last word of warning in this section: both Pug and the Corgi are foodies that are prone to overeating and gaining weight. So the mix is most likely to be the same. Therefore you’ll have to keep a close eye on pup’s calorie intake and make sure the pet gets a lot of exercises to prevent obesity.

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Pug and Corgi mix: possible health issues

It is necessary to be informed of the genetic problems associated with Porgi’s parent breeds. Amongst the most common issues for Corgi Pug mix are epilepsy and Hip Dysplasia.

That’s because both the Corgi and Pug are the typical sufferers of seizures, and often experience issues with their backs and hips. They can be at high risk for eye diseases too.

But generally, this Corgi mix is quite healthy as long as you feed the dog well and take care of spending enough time playing and keeping them active.

Pug Corgi mix: is it right for you and your family? 

Both Corgis and Pugs make excellent family pets, so Pug Corgi will fit the role of a family favorite as well. If trained early on, they are getting along with other animals and children.

They will thrive in an environment where they feel like a part of something – so if you allow them to be a part of daily chores, they will be to the roof happy. 

If you like cute shorties, then the Corgi Pug mix might be perfect for you. Just remember to stay strict and firm during the training stage to get yourself the most well-mannered and super affectionate companion.

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