Why Do Dogs Love Stuffed Animals?

Dogs adore stuffed toys. How many of you have observed a puppy bearing around a stuffed animal about as big as the puppy him or herself? Various dogs like to play with those toys, chewing, shaking, and cuddling them.

They also carry them around and even use them as cushions during the sleep. Why? One theory is that dogs, particularly retrievers, like taking items in their mouth. Another possible explanation is that they are training hunting that way.

But let’s try dig a bit deeper.

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But for the most part, a dog’s obsession with a specific toy is pup’s own sweet mystery.

Is it the smell? The texture? The shape? Color? Size?

“There’s no one-size-fits-all reason for why certain dogs might decide on a favorite toy,” told veterinarian Erika Loftin in her interview to Dodo. She also explained that some dogs, females, in particular, might bond with a toy as it reminds them of a puppy. They carry it and get attached to in a way. But is there’s more than that to dogs’ obsession with stuffed animals?

My dog is sleeping with a stuffed animal. Is it healthy?

Cuddling and sleeping with stuffed toys is also a comfort thing for your dog. Some animals if taken from their mother to early, will attach themselves firmly to their human or a stuffed animal that they find particularly exciting or reminding them of something. And it’s completely normal and even a healthy way to behave. As it can help to cope with anxiety and sooth all related “bad” behaviors.

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Best stuffed animals for your pup

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This large (almost 21 inches long) stuffed pup made of eco-friendly 100% recycled material. Great for cuddling and quite durable so it most likely will survive a bit of chewing. You can also wash it with no problem. As reported by buyers, the toy was keeping its shape and quality after 3 washing machine cycles. There’s a big chance that your pet will enjoy sleeping along with this bad boy. It’s very soft and huggable.

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So, as we’ve covered in this article, stuffed animals are a great way to relieve a dog’s anxiety issues. And this particular toy explicitly designed for that reason. The Snuggle Puppy recreates intimacy with natural warmth and a ‘real-feel’ pulsing heartbeat, providing an additional source of comfort for your pet. Loneliness and separation anxiety in pets, helps to transition to a new family, potentially helps to lessen the negative behaviors caused by stress, including excessive barking and whining. The heart beating and heating features are powered by 2 AAA batteries that tested by the manufacturer to keep going for up to two weeks if the toy is used non-stop.

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This bed is fantastic – super light, soft and cute. It will keep your pup warm and cozy at all time. The item made of high-quality, durable material and available in various sizes, so can accommodate quite a wide range of breeds. Since it’s lightweight and the bottom is waterproof, you can always bring it along on the trips – to make your pup comfy in commonly stressful situations (e.g., on the plane). And as one buyer put it, the bed looks so lovely that she probably would have snuggled into it herself if it was human-sized. And we couldn’t agree more.

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Dogs and stuffed animals. Summary

Exactly like people, dogs encounter anxiety. While unpleasant, it is a natural and also healthy state. Dog anxiety can influence all breeds but may impact each dog differently. Some might start barking and pacing, some will show unexpected aggression, drooling, or start defecating at home. So if your pup or a grown dog wants to sleep with the stuffed animal, let it be. It’s a simple and healthy way to cope with stress. And let’s face it, the pups look super cute with their stuffed toys.

Credits: cover picture sourced from Pixabay.