Best Dog Paw Cleaner, Balm and Brush (DIY Recipe Included)

Healthy, clean dog paws is not a luxury, but a necessity. Maybe a thousand years ago it was okay for pups, along with their ancestors’ wolves walk around with those furry feet covered with mud but these days it can be quite dangerous with all the ecological challenges our planet is facing right now and all the chemicals we use to make our grass greener and our roads cleaner. 

If you are here just to find out what’s the dog paw clean, then Doghint’s top choice would be portable cup washer. It works, it’s VERY inexpensive and versatile as it comes in several colors and sizes. And, according to some pet owners dogs even seem to enjoy putting their paws inside. 

Otherwise keep reading, as we are covering not only all possible products for cleaning your pup’s paws clean soft and healthy, but also sharing some DIY recipes and tips to achieve the goal. 

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Dog paw protection

Issues with dog paws may not be visible to pet parents, but if neglected, those might lead to a lot of pain for our furry friends. 

Take care of pup’s paw during the summer

In summer, pups tend to spend more time outside, but there are many paw dangers to acknowledge when the temperature soars. Stone-made roads can really accumulate the heat. Can you imagine walking barefoot on hot asphalt? Well, it feels pretty much the same for canine’s paw pads.  

So during the summer, keep those risks in mind and in case minor burns occurred, rinse those pads with an antibacterial wash and cover the paw with a loosened bandage. If the burns and blisters are more serious, you should contact your vet. 

Possible paw health downsides in winter 

Ice, snow, salt, and other chemicals all can be very harmful to a dog’s paws, leading to the bouquet of allergies, yeast infections, frostbites, etc. Just keep an eye on pup’s behavior, to sport the potential danger as early as possible. 

For instance, if you noticed that your pup started licking his paws, that might be the sign of those allergies and infections. Check this guide explaining why your dog licking paws for more details. 

When coming home, simply rinse the paws with lukewarm water to wash off any chemicals or bacterias. You might also use as a salt barrier during the future walks. Another option might be wearing dog-friendly .

How to clean dog paws after the walk if your pup is wounded? 

After a walk, begin with checking your dog’s paws for cuts, abrasions, and blisters. 

And if you spotted your dog’s paws bleeding the first step is to stop the bleeding. If the wound is more severe and seems to be infected, you should call your vet immediately. 

But if the damage is is minor it can be treated at home.

First, rinse the paw with lukewarm water to make sure that all debris is gone. Then dry the leg and put a small quantity of pet antibacterial spray, for instance, one. It works wonderfully not only to disinfect the wounds after the walk, but can cure all sorts of yeast, fungus, and bacterial infections so can make a brilliant (and surprisingly inexpensive) addition to pups care essentials. 

How to clean dog paws after walk? 

If your pet’s paws are just slightly dusty, you might want to use dog wipes to clean that dirt. To be safe, you have to use all-natural, possible veterinarian-approved option, as many human wet-wipes contain harmful chemicals, e.g. alcohol, and artificial fragrances, all of which can be harmful to your pet’s health.

I recommend to consider – it’s not only cleaning but also an antibacterial and antifungal solution, so you’ll be sure that no infections or allergies will attack your furry baby. 

There’s also a more cost-efficient option of using wet towels. However, it also requires many extra hours doing laundry and wasting a lot of water. 

You might also want to check the video below for more tips:

How to clean very muddy dog paws? 

For especially dirty paws you need to do a thorough washing. Scrub those muddy areas thoroughly and then completely rinse away the shampoo and debris using lukewarm water. And in some cases, you might need superpowers to clean it efficiently.

Super power#1: dog paw cleaning brush

is an exceptional product that might be VERY handy when you are in a rush, visiting friends and bringing your pup over or just tired of washing, scrubbing, cleaning, drying, over and over again. This portable dog par cleaner equipped with a detachable silicone brush which can save your dogs’ dirty and muddy paws (and tons of your time and efforts).

The brush cleans the dirt off dogs’ paws so easily. And comparing to other paw cleaning methods, it’s so much more convenient. The best part – no rinse required for the dog paw washing. And all the ingredients are pups friendly, natural, gentle, hypoallergenic and 100% non-toxic.

Super power#2: dog paw cleaning glove

On average microfiber has around 30,000 threads per square inch. So it’s perfect for absorbing a LOT.

Now imagine you have a microfiber glove that you can easily clean your pet’s paws with and that makes a way better job than a towel or even microfiber rag. That what’s cleaning and grooming glove is all about. 

Are you an extra furry dog owner? Now imagine he or she comes home muddy and soaked from head to tail after a rainstorm. It might feel like a situation for cleaning, drying, and washing cycle. However, we have a better suggestion. 

You can use instead. It will dry your dog’s paws, legs, tummy, and head and absorb all water and mud along the way. Great stuff. 

How to keep dog paw clean?

If your dog doesn’t mind the dog boots, those are the best preventive measure to guarantee no salt or debris will get on those pads and paws. Remember to put off the booties as soon as you are back in the house so you can dry everything up.

waterproof UMY booties look like a great option and protect your pup’s feet not only from dirt and snow but also against hurt from stones, asphalt, grass, etc. And pretty much eliminate the necessity of paw cleaning upon pup’s return from the walk. 

How to make dogs paws soft?

Dry, cracked puppy feet pads are never a good sign. So you have to take the need for keeping those paws soft and nourished seriously. Here are some suggestions: 

Solution #1: dog foot bath

Try deep cleaning paw feez balls – those not only soften and moisturize pup’s legs, but also clean and soothe. This is a luxurious dog spa-level treatment at a very affordable price. And very easy to use: simply drop a tablet into the water to dissolve and fizz.

Let paws soak for 5 minutes while taking breaks to massage it. This has tea tree oil that fights fungus, bacteria, and allergens. And it keeps those paw pads clean and fresh. Seaweed extract helps soothe, moisturize, and hydrate paw pads. 

Dog paw bath: DIY recipe 

If you prefer to make that bath yourself here’s the recipe you might want to try a warm-water oatmeal bath. Just dissolve a couple of cups of ground oats (unflavored, unsweetened variety, e.g., one) in warm water in your bathtub and allow your pup to stand or lie in the mix for 10 minutes or so. Natural oils in the oatmeal will work to moisturize dry, cracked paw pads and lessen the inflammation causing the constant itching. 

Solution #2: dog paw balm

Dog paw balms are great moisturizing options for cracked paws. organic all-natural soothing product is my personal favorite. Made of jojoba oil, shea butter, hemp seed oils, beeswax, and calendula – the contents I’d eagerly use on myself. It moisturized dogs paws well. And you can quickly move on from dry and cracking to almost normal in one generous treatment.

Homemade dog pad moisturizer

Want to take care of your pup’s feet all by yourself and even eager to make the perfect softening paw balm from scratch?

Here’s a great recipe:

  • Step 1. Put 2 tablespoons of , 3 tablespoons of , ½ tablespoon of , 3 tablespoons of , 2 tablespoons of into a .
  • Step 2. Then place the container into a saucepan filled with water to melt the mixture on low heat.
  • Step 3. You have to wait till it looks like a thin wax. Then just pour the mix into the clean jar to cool and be stored. Or you can separate it into smaller batches of several pots. If a survival situation arrives, you’ll have them handy.

Solution #3: Best dog paw wipes

Paw wipes can not only clean or disinfect. It may also act as a luxurious moisturizing treatment. And that’s precisely why I like wipes by Petpost. Those are soaked in aloe, coconut and jojoba oils. It cleans, soothes rough paws. And it takes only a minute of massaging for you to see the difference.

Best dog paw cleaners 

Dog paw cleaner cup

This portable paw washer easily removes dirt, mud, sand & more from your pet’s paws after walks and saves your floors and carpets. It comes in several sizes and colors, so supposed to work for pretty much any breed. 

Here’s how you use the plunger cleaner: add tepid water to the top row of bristles, put in a dirty paw, move it in and out gently, letting the bristles wash away the dirt. Use a towel to dry each wet foot and pour away the dirty water.   

The handle on the side is somewhat genius: instead of just putting a dirty paw into a bucket of water, something that most pups won’t be very happy about, you hold the dog’s leg and move the Paw Plunger up and down via the handle. Easy-peasy. 

Wrapping it up, this type of cleaner really works, is inexpensive, is well-built and solves a lot of problems when you have dogs that go outside. 

Pet paw brush

This portable dog paw cleaner comes with a detachable silicone brush. Just pump the needed amount of product on a brush, and it will clean the dirt off pups paws in no time, keeping it clean and refreshed. 

It’s by far amongst the most convenient way to wash dogs feet after a muddy walk. You don’t have to deal with loads of laundry, and in case your pup is not a fan of putting paw to wash in a cup or plunger that way of solving the problem is perfect. No rinse required and all the ingredients are natural, hypoallergenic, and 100% non-toxic. Brilliant. 

Dog paw cleaning mat

If you prefer cleaning mat over any other paw cleaners type Clean Paws by Ethical Pets might be just what you need. Made with microfiber, it absorbs 10 times its weight in water and mud and dries very fast. It’s durable and created to last. 

If you got used to cleaning pups paws with wet towels switching to this mat will be a relief. 

No more washing load after load and wasting all that water. The mat will trap sand, leaves, and moisture, reducing stains and mess on your carpets. After a good shake outside it will be good as new and a weekly washing will be just about perfect deep cleaning frequency. Overall it’s a terrific invention. 

Portable dog paw cleaner

Brilliant little washing cup, dirt cheap, portable, looks sleek, available in several sizes and colors. Even though it’s small and can be perfect for bringing along on the trip, it works so well that you might want to keep using it every day. The cup is gentle that pups don’t mind to put their paws inside but efficient enough to keep your floors shiny.

To use it, add a little water, insert the muddy paw inside, do the twist, dab it dry and repeat for 3 more legs. The interior is easy to clean – you have to remove the lid and brush (brush unroll for easy cleaning) and rinse for next use. That’s pretty much it for the maintenance. Very well worth the money to keep those paws and floors clean.

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