How Long Does It Take to Housebreak a Puppy?

Housetraining your puppy requires commitment, consistency, and patience. Accidents will be happening for sure as those are the part of the process.

Most vets and pet trainers agree that the proper age to start potty training is between 2 to 3 months old. And it usually takes around 4-6 months for your pet to be house trained.

The size of a dog can be a hint here – smaller breeds with smaller bladders need to go out more often. Another thing to consider is your puppy background – were there any bad potty habits formed before you adopted your furry friend? If yes, it might take longer to train him. You will have to reshape the pup’s behavior using rewards and encouragements.

Overall, crate training is the most recommended by veterinarians form of housebreaking as it is efficient and quick when executed properly. And also bring some other benefits on the table – you pet have a safe area when you are not around as most pups love to have their own place.

Another option to consider is potty pads training.

 are paper-like pads that are covered with chemicals that stimulate eliminating on them. It’s similar to old-fashioned newspaper potty training when you need to place the pet on the pad as soon as he demonstrates signs that he has to go potty. It normally takes longer than crate potty training but it’s perfect for people who don’t have the possibility to take their pups out at the first hints of elimination.

Some factors may delay the success of the training. One of the most common mistakes – is punishing the dog after noticing an accident. Thus a dog may fear you and even hide from the master whenever he needs to eliminate.  As an alternative to punishment, make a loud noise and bring your pet outside as prompt as possible.  Other errors are waiting too long before going outside, not noticing your pup’s cues or not following the training and feeding schedule.

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