7 Skinny Dog Breeds: from Tall and Long-Legged to Compact and Lean

Skinny dog breeds have many advantages compared to their chubby counterparts. Being slim allows these dogs to stay fast and agile so they can be good hunting hounds. They love being busy even though they’re not hunting, and they can be perfect companions to active people. Most of these dogs are very loyal, but they may seem aloof to people with whom they have not developed a bond.

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This eye-catcher is most famous for its slender look and graceful walk. These elegant dogs are good friends. But they are vulnerable to injuries because their long bones put a lot of pressure on their legs. 

These thin dogs may bark at strangers, unlike some of their more mellow skinny fellows, but they are likely to turn the tail and run away from the actual home invasion. Italian Greyhound’s fur is short and quick to take care of, but they need their teeth brushed every day like pretty much all dogs. They may have hereditary diseases, they may die in an injury, or they may just run away from you while chasing a rabbit.

They’re thin, though.


The Kanni breed resembles the Greyhound’s but is smaller in size, typically weighing between 35 and 48 pounds. They are timid dogs, but they are faithful to and protective of their families. They’ve got short coats, and they’re going to be black and tan in style.

They are considered a royal indigenous breed in India and are recognized by India’s Kennel Club. The Kanni make good pets if they have at least an hour of exercise every day because they have a lot of energy. They were bred to work separately so that, at times, they could be territorial. On a positive note, these dogs are smart and quick to train.

Ibizan Hound

These thin dogs do well with many physical exercises, so they’re an ideal jogging partner. The Ibiza is even-tempered, obedient, and affectionate, making it a perfect addition to an involved family. If this dog was to get lost in a chase, it would be hard to get them back home.

Mental and physical stimulation is a must for Ibiza, and they enjoy agility activities. They’re serious hunters who love to run and chase, but they can also be quiet and gentle. Relaxing for hours is also something they like to do. 

Afghan Hound

Most people don’t think of it as a thin dog because it’s wrapped in a thick coat. Anyone who has ever attempted to find a vein in one of the almost fatty legs can tell you otherwise. The Afghan also deserves to be ranked among the “see-through” dogs.

So, yes, The Afghan is a lovely skinny dog, too. The breed has such a common trait: they like to lace around until it’s time to get up and kill something. Perhaps it has something to do with their background: the Afghan Hound is one of the most closely related dog breeds to the wolf.

According to The Intelligence of Dogs, Afghans are at the bottom. But this could have to do with their lack of confidence, not their lack of intellect.


This medium-sized British eye-catcher is another classy dog on our list. They can run really fast when they want to, but they’ll spend most of the day relaxing on the Lay-Z-Boy. Whippets are renowned for their ability to keep the sofa down when their home is being invaded. 

They’ve been suggested as a perfect apartment dog because they don’t bark a lot and spend too much time on the sofa. (However, they also like to get out and run around as much as possible.) Whippets are perfect for agility sports, racing, and lure racing. They’ve been clocked 36 mph and can handle a 200-mile sprint in less than 12 seconds.


This one is one of the Middle Eastern skinny dog breeds and is believed to be related to the Afghan dog. They may have been raised to hunt gazelle at first, so there’s part of the reason they’re so thin. What kind of sheik would want a fat dog chasing a thin animal like that?

While they were brought back to Europe at the crusades, the British did not welcome them to their club until 1923. They’re a little shorter than Greyhounds, a little slower on the track, but they’re famous for running long distances. The Saluki is a marathon runner in the canine world.

Saluki is one of the most costly dog breeds; they are also very good.

And besides that, they’re thin. It’s very thin!


Known for its hunting skills and speed, Sloughi is a breed that originated in Northern Africa. They have a short, fine coat that sheds infrequently and only needs a weekly brushing to be maintained. This breed has refined manners that match its elegant, athletic body.

They don’t necessarily have to exercise a lot, either, so it’s not uncommon to see them resting at home with their loved ones. The Sloughi love being with their family and is a little distant from strangers. 

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