Sucralose and Dogs: Can Dogs Eat Splenda or It’s Unsafe?

During the past years, several controversies about whether or not you should feed your dog artificial sweeteners arose. Mostly, FDA’s branch for Veterinary Medicine advises that such sugar alternatives can be poisonous for your pet.

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Due to the sweet taste, when such artificial sweeteners reach your dog’s digestive tract, it is processed as real sugar, and it releases insulin. This insulin dangerously spikes your pet’s blood sugar levels. It leads to life-threatening symptoms such as vomiting, lack of coordination, collapse, or seizures.

So, you might wonder whether or not Sucralose is safe for your dog. Let’s see up next what’s this all about.

What is Sucralose?

Sucralose represents a zero-calorie artificial sweetener, is frequently used as a sugar alternative. It is obtained from refined sugar with the help of several chemical-based techniques. The Sucralose found in Splenda has a high content of dextrose (glucose) and maltodextrin, boosting its overall amount of calorie per gram.

Still, this sugar alternative can be up to 600 times sweeter than sugar, and in some situations, can prompt the human body to process it similar to refined sugar. Studies suggested that Sucralose can pose serious health risks for humans, as it might boost insulin levels.

  Research done on rabbits showed that sucralose residue in the body can kill good bacteria in the gut. And cause serious side effects, such as spontaneous abortions, and an alarming 23% in death rate in rabbits, when compared with the control group (6%). 

As such, it is best to opt for a natural sugar alternative. Rather than to turn to a chemical-based product. 

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Can dogs have Sucralose?

As a general rule, dogs or any other pets should never ingest any artificial sweetener, especially if it is the case of Sucralose. This compound is metabolized differently in animals, and it can lead to serious side effects that can become life-threatening. 

Is Splenda safe for dogs? 

Splenda is one of the most common artificial sweeteners. And guess what? Its base component is Sucralose. So, if your dog somehow manages to eat a lot of Splenda, it is best to go for an emergency veterinary checkup. Some common side effects of ingesting Splenda include severe vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration, seizures, etc.

Sucralose and dogs. Summary

You should always avoid tasty treats or dog foods that are labeled as “light” or “sugar-free.” Any artificial sweeteners, including Sucralose, can harm your dog’s health, while it can lead to serious health problems. Depending on your pet, severe adverse reactions (that can turn deadly in the long run) to artificial sweeteners might occur. 

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