Can Dogs Eat Prunes or Prune Juice? or It Can Be Toxic?

Pet owners think of their pets as members of their family and treat them as such. This often means that we share out seats, our beds, and even our food with our canine family members. While most dogs like eating people food, pet parents don’t always know which foods are healthy for them and which are not. And generally, human food doesn’t work for pups at all. 

Let’s talk about prunes today. 

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Are Prunes Safe for Dogs?

Prunes are an example of one type of human food that may not be beneficial for your beloved pooch. And not something you want to introduce to your dog’s diet even on a limited basis.

Depending on the prunes you buy, this fruit may even be toxic for dogs, mainly if the fruit still contains the pit which has cyanide in it. And your dog will likely devour it right along with the flesh of the fruit.

Even though the prunes have lots of good things about them (e.g., tons of Vitamin A – 1250 IU in 100g serving). Still, these are high in fiber and sugar content (6.2g and 31.25g, respectively). And this may cause some dogs to experience severe stomach upsets that can result in bloating, diarrhea, and vomiting. 

Can Dogs Drink Prune Juice?

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There is an old saying that goes, “you may as well eat the devil as drink his broth.” and this certainly applies to giving your dog prune juice to drink. Prune juice still has quite a high level of fiber (1.2g in 100ml) and sugar (7.08g in 100ml), which can end up causing your dog to have an upset stomach too. 

Can Dogs Eat Prunes for Constipation?

Prunes are a natural way for people to overcome constipation. And they indeed may cause a dog to experience diarrhea. But it doesn’t mean that you should feed prunes to your pet if he or she is constipated.

Since the treat can cause stomach problems in dogs, giving a prune to a constipated dog could make the condition worse rather than better.

It is better to provide them with more water and feed some pumpkin to get things moving. And in most cases, your dog’s system will clear on its own.

Can Prunes be Toxic For Dogs at Some Point?

If your dog gets a hold of one plum or prunes with a pit, there is usually no need to panic since one prune should not prove toxic to even a small dog unless other health issues at play. However, the pits will, at some point, might become toxic, depending on the dog’s size, weight, overall health, and the serving size.

However, keep in mind that even pitted prunes can cause stomach upsets in dogs. And too many can create a severe health risk to your canine companion. 

My Dog Ate Prunes What Should I do Next?

If your dog eats a few prunes (depending on your dog’s size), there is usually no reason to panic. Watch your dog over the next few hours and to make sure that the prunes aren’t causing your dog any discomfort.

If your dog begins showing signs of having diarrhea or is vomiting shortly after eating prunes, then observe him. Try offering him small amounts of water to keep him hydrated, but if he continues to vomit, stop the water until he stops. Then only offer him a tablespoon or two of water at a time until you see the pup is getting better with keeping it inside.

If your dog has had diarrhea or has vomited after eating prunes, wait 24 hours before feeding him to allow his stomach to settle down. Then you can start serving him small amounts of boiled plain rice and chicken every few hours as long as the vomiting or diarrhea doesn’t start up again.

Then you can slowly increase the amount of rice you feed him over the next few days until the pup fully recovers. 

If your pet still shows signs of severe bloating, continues to vomit, or seems lethargic, after all that, seek vet’s help immediately.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Have Prunes?

Prunes are not something you want to give your dog even in small amounts. While, in most cases, pitted prunes are not toxic for your dog, they still can make your dog sick and miserable, which is something no dog parent wants. 

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