How to Take Care of Poodle Hair

You see them on the streets and in dog shows. You admire them from afar and coo over them in salons. What are they? Poodles. Most people love a good cuddle with a Poodle. The furry canines are cute, and their hair is just soft enough to pull fingers through. What people who don’t own poodles may not realize is that the little beasts need a lot of love and attention. That doesn’t mean that they only need to eat right and exercise regularly. It also means that you need to look after their furry coats. People don’t just wake up in the morning with good hair; they groom it. In the same way, Poodle hair also needs some grooming before it looks as good as most see them. Here’s how you take care of Poodle hair.

Buy the right products

Poodles are sensitive dogs. They like specific products and are allergic to others. When you’re in stores shopping for their foods, shampoos and other products, make sure you go through the ingredients to make sure they are good for your Poodle’s fur.

Buying foods and shampoos without harsh ingredients will ensure that your Poodle is healthy enough to support a healthy mane. Good shampoos prevent Poodles from scratching and scabbing which is good news for the hair. If you don’t mind splurging a bit so that your canine friend looks his best, go for high-quality Poodle hair products. Good shampoos, mainly those with canine cream rinses, will prevent your Poodle’s hair from tangling. High-quality conditioners will make your Poodle’s fur soft, lustrous, voluminous and matt-free.

Finally, don’t forget to grab a conditioner that has sunscreen. These conditioners not only make poodle hair more manageable but also protect it from breaking because of exposure to sunlight.

Learn how to Groom the Poodle Hair

This is a no-brainer. There’s no way you can care for your Poodle’s hair if you don’t know how to groom his or her hair. You can get away with it with professional grooming services, but those only happen once every six to eight weeks. You’re the one who’ll care for the Poodle hair in the period in between.

Grooming takes various forms. It involves giving your poodle the periodical wash and brushing hair daily. Brushing with a pin brush and coat dressing helps remove loose hair and dirt, as well as detangle Poodle hair thereby preventing hair loss. As a Poodle owner, you must also learn the basics of trimming your dog’s hair since you might need to do trim your Poodle yourself periodically. Get yourself a good pair of blunt-nosed scissors for the job and practice under a professional to get the experience you’ll need to trim your dog’s hair.

Spay if it’s the hormones

Female Poodles shed a lot of hair when they are in heat o when they give birth because of hormonal changes. Spaying if you don’t want to breed your dog will help maintain her Poodle hair because she won’t experience these changes.