Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed and How Can I Stop It?

Discovering or actually seeing your dog is peeing on your bed can leave you feeling shocked and perhaps even a little bit angry. However, punishing your dog won’t stop the behavior and may cause the problem to get worse as the pup may find places to hide when he or she needs to pee. And that will make your entire house smell like urine. Seek to understand a pet’s behavior instead, so you will know how to prevent any future problems.

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My dog peed on my bed, what does that mean?

The fact that your dog peed on your bed could actually mean many different things. If your dog is a young pup, it may mean that the pet isn’t fully housebroken yet. The older dog might mark the territory that way, has diabetes or urinary tract infection. He may also be anxious about something and is trying to tell you he is worried. 

Why would a dog pee on your bed?

there’s so many interesting things to pee on…

 Some of the reasons an older housebroken dog may begin peeing on your bed include several illnesses such as a urinary tract infection. It makes it more difficult for them to hold their urine or causes them to pee more frequently.

They also could be developing a mobility problem such as arthritis that makes getting off the bed painful and difficult. Something may have changed in your household that is causing your dog to feel anxious.

You may be working longer hours and have less time to spend with your pet, you may have gotten new furniture that is unfamiliar, or you may have gotten a new pet. So, as mentioned before, your dog has to mark the territory.

What if a dog peed on the bed right in front of me?

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Your dog may likely pee on your bed right in front of you. The pup doesn’t feel as there’s something with it, since relieving himself in natural and healthy. 

If your dog pees on your bed right in front of you, try not to react since this makes your dog feel ashamed and think that his urinating is wrong. 

Stay calm and remove your dog from the bed. Clean it as soon as possible. And if necessary, clean the mattress with a product that will remove the odor of your dog’s urine.

One of the best options is citrus commercial grade stain cleaner, or you can check out efficient DIY options in our pet carpet cleaners report. Just use the table of content to find the right section.

What if my puppy is peeing on my bed? 

There are several reasons why a younger puppy may pee on their bed. 

  • Physiology. A young puppy has a smaller bladder than an older dog and may not be able to hold the urine. And you may not be taking the put out as often as you should. 
  • Excitement. If you are playing with your puppy on a bed and he suddenly pees on your bed, it may be because he is too excited.
  • Previous smell. If there were accidents on the bed before your pet still able to smell the scent of that urine (even though humans can’t). So it feels like an okay place to use as a potty. 

How to stop my dog from peeing on my bed?

If you want to stop your dog from peeing on your bed, you have to know why it happened in the first place. 

  • With an older dog, the first thing you should do is take the dog to the vet to make sure that isn’t a health reason why he is urinating on your bed. If your dog has a health problem once those are treated the behavior should stop. 

If there are no known health issues, you may have to try several different methods to stop your dog from urinating on the bed.

  • You may find that spaying or neutering your dog stops the behavior.
  • Or walking them outside more often.
  • Your dog may need to be retrained to go to the bathroom outside.
  • Or you may need to find ways to keep your dog calmer when a pet shows signs of anxiety.

If all of those fail, then you may simply have to keep your dog off the bed. 

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