Best 5 Tips for Potty Training

Their own mother would clean up the den if they were all alone. She does that in order to eliminate the scent and not allow the puppies to associate the area with self-relief. The same thing applies to your own potty training in order to successfully train your dogs.

If your puppies start making a mess, then you need to clean and deodorize the place and of course, teach them that inside is not their bathroom place. These tips for potty training will help you to successfully train your dog.

Potty Training Tip #1 Use Crate

You can use a so as to house train your dog and keep an eye on his specific needs. This is an excellent way to identify when your dog needs to go and to teach your friend to hold it until you open the crate.

In order to have the best results possible, you need to make sure that the crate is large enough for your puppy in order to be able to stand, turn around and lie down. It is not meant to be big enough to use a corner as its bathroom. You better not use crate if your puppy is eliminating it, which could mean that your puppy has engaged into some bad habits.

Potty Training Tip #2 Learn How To Control Their Bladder

15 minutes after eating, drinking and playing it is more likely to use the bathroom. Therefore, after any activity, you need to give your puppy the opportunity to go to the bathroom. A great way to control your puppy’s bladder is to calculate the approximate time they can hold on.

A general rule is one hour for every month of age plus one hour more. The ideal way is to take your puppy for a bathroom every two hours or after any intense activity that might stimulate elimination.

Potty Training Tip #3 The Outside Bathroom

When you go for a bathroom break, make sure you have a treat with you in order to reward your dog if he manages to go to the bathroom within the first 5 minutes. Use the same confinement area every time you go out for bathroom. If you do not manage to succeed on the first time, then go home and try once more.

Potty Training Tip #4 Watch Over Your Puppy

It is important to be alert at all times in order to watch him over. If you prevent any accidents, it is more likely to continue the potty training with success, rather than starting all over again. Keep track of his moves and have in mind that if he is too quiet, then something is not right.

Potty Training Tip #5  Dos and Don’t’s

Do not punish your dog whenever he fails to go to the bathroom. Your puppy will fear you and never actually succeed. If you catch your dog eliminating, clap your hands in order to let him know he is doing something bad. If you want to help your dog outside, give him the additional time to explore the area.

Follow these easy to do tips for potty training and your dog will be healthy, persistent and will follow the bathroom schedule.