Best Chew Proof Crate Pad: Top 4 Options + Buying FAQ

Many households in the US own dogs. For the joy and companionship that our dogs bring us, it is only right that we treat them in the absolute best way that we can. E.g., a comfortable place to sleep and rest, and whether that’s in a crate or out of one, it has to be cozy. This is where dog beds and crate pads come in. 

All dogs are different, and there is a wide range of temperaments that they can have. However, with this range of personalities, you get some dogs who tend to have too much fun chewing at things. So you’ll find yourself buying crate pads a bit too frequently, and this will take a toll on your wallet.

Some dogs may be prone to chew less, and that’s great. But before that happens, you can’t deprive your furry friend of a comfy place to sleep. This is why a chew proof crate pad may be an option to consider. Thus you won’t find yourself spending money every month to replace a kennel pad that’s been torn to shreds.

To save you some time, tough crate pad for dogs from K9 Ballistics is my top choice. For dogs that dig, scratch, and chew at their beds, this pad will prove incredibly durable. Not only is it insanely tough, but it is waterproof, and the cover can easily be removed and washed. It’s made of orthopedic foam to support your best friend perfectly, and they come in numerous sizes. So matter how big or small your pet is, you’ll find the perfect size.

If you are not in a rush, though, keep reading. I’ve spent more than 10 hours researching the options below, so you don’t have to. 

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Best chew proof crate pad

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There are several reasons why this orthopedic crate pad from K9 Ballistics has taken my top spot. You can get this in 5 different sizes to support all dogs’ breeds, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. There are also 7 color options for each size, which lets you choose the perfect dog crate mat for chewers. The tough ripstop fabric makes it resistant to chewing, scratching, and digging.

This fabric, while being tough, is also waterproof. And in the case of any stains, it can easily be removed and tossed into the washing machine for cleaning. I haven’t forgotten how the foam used in this is CertiPUR-US foam, which is orthopedic and will support dogs of any weight without flattening out.

Your pets will stay comfortable on this, no matter what. K9 Ballistics gives you a chance to replace the bed once if it gets damaged in the first 4 months of ownership, and that’s awesome. It’s easy to see why this is the best crate pad for chewers.


  • Multiple sizes for all kinds of dogs
  • Ripstop fabric is chew resistant (as much as it’s possible)
  • Machine washable outer cover and inner liner


  • Rather pricey
  • Fitting the cover can be arduous

Chew proof crate pad with removable cover

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A dog’s joints can be affected by sleeping on a poorly made bed. When they sink into the crate pad’s foam, they are essentially lying against the hard ground on a thin layer of foam. This is why crate pads that contain orthopedic foam can be a huge deal. Big Barker’s dog crate pad comes in 4 different sizes to accommodate any size of the dog.

And the removable waterproof cover can easily be taken off and tossed into the machine to wash. With two high-quality foam layers, your dog will be as comfortable as can be with this. And the extremely tear-resistant fabric means that you don’t need to worry about dogs that like to chew. This will prove quite a match for them.


  • Options for different sizes makes this great for any kind of dog
  • Comfortable, even for heavier dogs
  • The waterproof cover is good for puppies who may pee on it


  • The zipper is exposed, and smart dogs can gain access to the foam easily

Best crate pad for destructive dogs

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K9 Ballistics specializes in making quality products for our canine friends. With the second crate pad by this brand on my list, it becomes evident. Some dogs are more destructive than others. If your pet’s old crate mats were torn up in a matter of days or even hours, then this is the way to go.

This nearly indestructible dog crate pad will prove a tough match for any dogs that love to tear things apart. The fabric used for the cover is extremely strong and will be difficult for any dog to tear through. The best crate pads contain orthopedic foam, and this one is no different. If your dog could talk, it’d thank you. 


  • One-time warranty if the crate pad is damaged within 4 months
  • 5 different sizes to accommodate any breed of dog
  • The cover is easy to keep clean


  • The corners are weaker than the sides and break down faster
  • Replacing the cover after a wash is very difficult

Best durable crate pad

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This inexpensive dog crate pad is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a lighter pad for your dog. It comes in three sizes and with three color options, so no matter your friend’s size, you can get a bed large enough for them. Even though this crate pad is lighter than the others that I put on this list, it won’t move around easily, thanks to the non-skid bottom. And then have I mentioned that it is completely machine washable? This bed will handle abuse from your pal, and durability is definitely not in question here.


  • Non-skid bottom helps keep it in one place
  • Fleece material makes it comfortable and gentle on your dog’s skin
  • Very affordable


  • Flatter than other options, so it can be a bit uncomfortable for heavier dogs

Frequently Asked Questions about chew proof crate pads

How and why does chew proof crate pad work?

The covers for typical crate pads are made with cotton or similar materials. These are cheap and soft, but they cannot hold up to chewing from a dog. A chew-proof kennel pad uses ripstop fabric and other strong materials to resist chewing and scratching. Being waterproof and hiding zippers is also another way to make these more durable.

Chew proof pad vs. dog bed

Each has its own merits, but for dogs who are chewers, a chew-resistant crate pad tends to be a better option. This is because it can be placed in a kennel or crate and closed up. This prevents your pet from wreaking havoc at night or times when unattended. A dog bed tends to be less resistant to chewing but is a good option for dogs that do not chew.

Chew proof pad vs. quilted mattress pad

A quilted mattress pad tends to be thinner and softer than most chew proof pads. They are an excellent option for smaller dogs who do not chew as much, but they are usually not waterproof, so best for trained dogs. A chew-proof pad is a great choice for all sizes of dogs, whether they chew or not, as those tend to hold up better compared to other kinds of pads. 

How to use chew proof crate pad? 

These can be used in or outside a crate or kennel. They are placed to fit at the base to form the floor of the crate. Tough crate pads for dogs can be placed as a standalone bed for your dog as well, but for chewers that tear things around the house, a crate may be worth it.

Chew proof crate pad washing instructions

Washing your dog’s bed is not hard. Many dog crate mats for chewers are machine washable, which makes things easier. Use a gentle wash cycle and a pet-safe detergent to wash the removable covers for crate pads. Warm or hot water is preferable to kill germs. But better yet, always check the “how to care” guidelines on the label of a particular product. 

Is it worth buying? The verdict

For a dog that is a serious chewer, there are few better investments. Though not indestructible (whatever marketers would say, it’s practically impossible to guarantee), a chew proof crate pad will last as long as multiple regular crate pads. Therefore it will still save you money in the process.

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