13 Best Dog Clippers in 2020: Professional, for Thick Hair, for Beginners, etc.

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Many people think that grooming your dog is purely an aesthetic thing, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ensuring that your dog is well-groomed has its health benefits. In some cases, unkempt fur can lead to very serious health complications for dogs.  However, many pet salons and spas can seem like overkill, considering … Read more

Anti Barking Device That Works. Best of Ultrasonic, Outdoors, Shock and No Shock Collars

There are various types of anti-barking devices to control your dog’s excessive barking. This noisy barking could be disturbing sometimes, and you want to put a stop to it by getting the best anti-bark device available. Additionally, these devices also take dog training to a different fun level. Here are a few types to choose from depending on your situation and preferences.

13 Barkworthy Dog Pajamas: Plaid, Christmassy, Cutest, and Cheapest

Dog pajamas might be a massive help in maintaining your home furless during the shedding season, and keep less hairy four-legged friends warm during the cold seasons.  And is there anything more pawesome than watching your pupper going around wearing cute little pajamas? If you agree with me, then your answer would be “No.”  In … Read more

Best Dog Paw Cleaner, Balm and Brush (DIY Recipe Included)

Healthy, clean dog paws is not a luxury, but a necessity. Maybe a thousand years ago it was okay for pups, along with their ancestors’ wolves walk around with those furry feet covered with mud but these days it can be quite dangerous with all the ecological challenges our planet is facing right now and … Read more

Dog Proof Trash Can Guide: Best Outdoor, Bath, and Kitchen Options

Dogs love to explore this world – and that tempting kitchen trash can is a very curious location on the pup’s world map. Long-time ago the scientists have come across the idea that dogs evolved from wolves. Those animals used to scavenge villages for leftovers and scraps. This genetic trend may be a cause of why your pup is going through your garbage.