Best Dog House for Hot Weather: Waterproof, Ventilated, DIY & More

The hot, humid weather is not only dangerous for humans, but also for our beloved pups. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat can pose health risks, and this can even have fatal consequences in extreme cases. Dehydration and heat stroke are the two common causes of dog deaths during the summer months. So taking care of buying a dog house for hot weather is not something extravagant, but rather a necessity if you want to make sure that your pet is safe and sound. 

These dog houses are designed with quality materials that offer sufficient insulation to keep the unit cool during summers for the dogs. But let’s dig deeper to figure out all caveats, pros, and cons. 

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Compare the best dog houses for hot weather 

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Best dog house for hot and cold weather

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ASL solutions deluxe insulated dog palace is the advanced grade dog house suitable for both cold and hot weather, and it is suitable both for large and medium dogs.

This dog house comes with a lifetime warranty for any kind of breaking and cracking, and this proves its durability and sturdiness. This dog house features a self-closing door and section for windows. This ensures proper ventilation and airflow inside the dog house.

This dog house comes with a sloped floor featuring an easy cleaning drain. The size of the dog house is big enough to accommodate medium and large-sized dogs or pups. In the ceiling and walls, you will see EPS foam insulation.

This ensures the ability to regulate the internal temperature of the dog house and the raised floor inside the house ensure complete dryness all the time.

This dog house is ideal for all weather conditions, and it features the adjustable self-storing window panels. It has a durable polyester exterior to withstand wind, rainwater, and heat.  


Self-closing door and window section
EPS Foam insulation on the ceiling and walls
Suitable for large and medium-sized dogs


The heated floor is not included for colder months
No outlet for fans

Best dog house for hot weather: our top choice

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Suncast outdoor dog house for hot weather is the best accessory to have in your home if you have large breed dogs.

This dog house is attractive and water-resistant and can be used efficiently for large-sized dogs and even for small pups to keep them protected and cool during summer months.

The product is designed with high-quality plastic material, and it can accommodate large breed dogs weighing around 70 pounds.

It can be used easily in your deck, patio, and backyard. The construction of the dog house is also sturdy as it is made out of high-quality resin with the crowned floor. It will keep the pet safe from all the environment and weather elements.

The manufacturer sends the dog house with an installation manual that helps the users to assemble the product quickly.

The design of the pet house is very alluring and good looking, and it is contemporary in the style that matches all modern decor of an item. It includes vinyl doors, and this offers extra security and insulation for the pups without hindering their exit and entry to the pet house.     


Easy installation
Lightweight and beatifically designed
Suitable for large breeds 


No window sections available
No vent in the ceiling

Waterproof outdoor dog kennel

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Lucky dog uptown welded wire kennel is the waterproof outdoor dog house that can be used with or without cover at the top. Since the pet house is designed with welded wire, it ensures proper ventilation for the dogs during summer.

However, it can’t be used during colder months as no cover is available for the walls of the pet house. This dog house features an iron door with grills that allow smoother entry and exit for the dog, and the doors are correctly hinged for smoother opening and closing.

This dog house is made out of heavy-duty stainless steel material. It’s rustproof and can withstand the test of time, and before it is coated with paint, proper welding of the joints is done to prevent the sharp edges.  

It comes with a waterproof trap cover that fully encloses the pet house with a steel roof frame that protects the canine from rain, snow, and sun.

The roof cover features UV protection that will keep the pet house safe for a longer period. Assembly of the pet house is also very easy, and it hardly takes few minutes to get assembled without any tools.


Roof cover comes with UV protection
Made out of heavy-duty steel
Fully enclosed waterproof tarp cover   
High-quality welds


Suitable only for medium-sized dogs
No insulation for extremely hot weather

Best ventilated dog house

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This Petmate dog house features a rear air ventilation system that optimizes the air quality and flow. And it had an extended roof guard ensure to divert the rainwater. It is the plastic pet house that is designed with a high-quality fiber material that needs no painting or coating to make it rot or mold resistant.

It comes in two pieces, which you can assemble together in a matter of seconds, and cleaning is also easier with a garden hose. So, keep your dog warmer during winters and cooler during summers with this new pet house that is available in a variety of sizes and color schemes. 

 The rear air ventilation is a unique system that maintains a good flow of air all day long, and this keeps the dog colder and comfortable during summers.


Rear ventilation for proper air circulation
Durable and more reliable materials are used
Creates a warm, dry place for your pet for all weather conditions


Not the best choice for larger breed
Basic model without an option for fans

What makes a dog house appropriate for hot weather?

The best dog houses for hot weather is the ones that comprise of following characteristics: 

  •  It must have at least 4 inches of insulation in ceiling, walls, and floors to keep heat out and temperature cool
  •  It must have removable window section in back and front for proper ventilation
  •  It must have an electrical cord outlet so that a cooling device can be attached to it to make the interior cool.
  •  It must have the option to run cooling fans
  •  It must have sufficient room for the dog, and the size must be suitable for your dog
  •  The construction such dog house must be sturdy and strong enough to withstand the highest temperature during summers     

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How to make a dog house cool in the summer?

Here are some tips that will help you on the mission of cooling the dog’s house: 

  •  You have to choose a shady area for the placement of the dog house, which would keep the dog house cooler and limit the exposure of your dog to sunlight when she was outside of the house. So, ensure to place the dog house under a tree for proper shade. 
  •  You need to ensure offering proper ventilation to the dog house. You are suggested to purchase a vinyl dog house that comes with a close-able vent on top or other venting holes around roof edges. If you have purchased a wooden dog house, then ensure you make your own vent for ventilation.
  •  The cooling bed must be integrated into the dog house, and it must have chambers for ice blocks
  •  The cooling fan must be installed inside the dog house so that the dog can have some cool breezes during day time when the temperature outside is high

What are the main types of hot weather dog houses?

  • Wooden Dog House. The traditional dog house is made out of high-quality wood material. Redwood and cedar are the primary materials that are used for designing the wooden dog house.
  • Plastic Dog House. Plastic is a common material that is used for designing some branded dog house. They are lightweight and low in maintenance, and they are available in a variety of design and style patterns.  
  • Metal Dog House. This is the rare type of dog house as you won’t find many brands designing dog houses out of metal. Metal is heavy, and it adds up to the overall weight of the dog house.
  • Fiberglas Cave Dog House. This is the advanced type of dog house, which is designed with fiberglass material. It is transparent and heavily insulated, which ensures to keep your dog comfortable during the daytime when the temperature is high outside.  

What are the 5 major characteristics to keep in mind when buying it?

  • Design and Size. You must always ensure buying the model that is right fitted and suited for the breed of dog that you have. The interior design must complement the theme of your backyard or house. You must get the aesthetically appealing design too. 
  • Lightweight. The dog house must be portable and light in weight so that you can move it from one place to another depending upon the shady areas in your backyard. The plastic dog house is the lightweight model that is best suited for almost all breeds of dogs.
  • Maintenance. You must always prefer to buy a dog house that is easy to maintain and comes with a very minimal price range.
  • Insulation. No dog house is right if it lacks proper insulation. The best dog house is designed with ultimate insulation capacity so that it can protect the pup from extreme weather. The ceiling and the walls must be adequately insulated.
  • Durability. If your dog is big, then you must check the strength of the dog house. Since it will be used outside the house, the dog house needs to be appropriately insulated and durable to withstand the environmental abuses.   

Why does your dog need a hot weather house at all?

Dogs usually enjoy playing on the ground, and the ground temperature tends to vary by climate. And it can be extreme during the summer months. So, when they are placed inside a dog house, the dog’s feet won’t experience the ground temperature, which would reduce the body heat automatically.

You must be aware of the fact that dogs sweat extremely, even more than humans. The sweating glands of dogs are located around their footpads, and this makes it challenging for them to cool off.

So, the dog house is designed to offer sufficient ventilation, which is essential for dogs to cool down quickly. The cool breeze of AC or standard fans would do most of the work to keep your pups cool during summer. 


If you keep your dog outside or your dog loves playing in the yard during summer months, then you must invest in an appropriate dog house. Heatstroke is fatal for your dog, and they are susceptible to extreme heat, as it is challenging for them to regulate body temperature.

The pet house must provide the dog with sufficient shade and proper ventilation, which is essential for your dog during the summer months. I hope my guide was helpful for you and your pup, and you’ll be able to find that perfect summer dog house for years to come.