Calming Dog Bed: Does It work? And Which One is the Best?

Night anxiety is a very common condition in dogs. Whether you are dealing with a puppy who is missing you during the night or a pet growing older, coping with geriatric separation anxiety that keeps your dog awake at night. 

The calming dog bed is probably the most potent efficient you might use to improve your pet’s troubling sleeping patterns. There are so many types of those available. And while some might work well for your pup, the others will do nothing. It all depends on your pooch’s personality. 

 The main types of calming beds are caves and bolsters. Those work particularly well if your dog likes a place to burrow into or if they want to lean against the edge of the dog bed. 

These dog beds are also an excellent option for hyperactive or anxiety-ridden pups. They help create a safe space for your dog. 

Suppose you are in a hurry and want to know what would be my best overall suggestion to try. In that case, I’d say take a closer look at super soft memory foam option by Pet Craft Supply. It gives you everything you need in a calming dog bed, specifically comfort and quality. It is also super affordable, survives the machine washing and looks quite good. 

But if you want more alternatives, then read ahead. I put about 12 hours into this research, and I really hope you will find it helpful.  

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Best Calming Dog Bed

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This dog bed offers you all the features you might possibly looking for in a good dog bed (calming or otherwise). It checks off all the main boxes like quality, comfort, and delivery. Your dog is sure to find this bed a safe and comfortable place to sleep. The quality of the bedding is wonderful and is made from non-toxic materials. So you don’t have to worry about your dog finding them uncomfortable or them not being safe. The dog bed’s shape is also one of the things that your dog will find appealing about this dog bed.


The bedding is super soft and comfy
It is really easy to wash
Great value


Not suitable for large-sized dogs
The middle is sturdy and comfy, but the sides are a bit flimsy

Comfy Calming Dog Bed

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This dog bed is exactly as mentioned: comfy. And that’s why it is sure to be a hit with your dog. The comfort and coziness this dog bed provides are sure to help bring your dog’s hyperactivity down a notch for it to sleep. Another great feature is that it is made out of non-toxic materials and comes with a rim at the edge of the bed that acts as a chin rest.


It is really comfortable to sleep in
It is very spacious, enough for two medium-sized dogs


As it has really fluffy bedding, it is not suitable for pups or other dogs prone to chewing
It might deflate a bit after washing

Best Warming Bed for Dog

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Who doesn’t like a warm fluffy cloud to sleep in? Well, this donut-shaped dog bed is one that is sure to bring your furry friend endless hours of sleep. Made out of faux fur, this calming dog bed creates soft, quickly warming bedding for your dog. And it also comes in multiple colors for you to choose from. The anti-skid marks keep it positioned, unable to move here and there.


It is really comfy and very soft
It is really light so you can carry it wherever you want
Good value


It is not very spacious
This dog bed has fluffy bedding so it can shed a bit

Best Dog Cave Bed

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This is another excellent option if your dog is having trouble sleeping on its regular dog bed. As many dog owners agree that cave-shaped beds are amongst the best options for dogs having issues with their sleep. The bedding, the size, colors, and everything in this bed make up an excellent anti-anxiety resting space. The bedding also comes in various colors and is really cozy and comfortable. 


It is very comfortable
The material for the covering is very nice
Unique design


The bottom might be a tad over-stuffed
The fleece is likely to shed sometimes

Calming Dog Beds for Large Dogs

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One of the biggest problems with bigger dogs is that it’s often a challenge to find products that they could use. Especially if we are talking about products addressing specific issues, like sleep anxieties.  

This dog bed is specifically designed with large dogs in mind. It is the cave-shape bed, so there is a covering on top of your pet when it is sleeping. This dog bed is perfect for anxiety-prone dogs and has a fleece lining, making it very comfortable.


It is really comfortable
It is affordable
Helps ease your dog’s anxiety


The fleece is prone to shedding
Not suitable for puppies

Highest Rated Calming Dog Bed

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This one is a great calming bed for your dog if you want your dog to have a good night’s rest. It is also an excellent purchase for those dogs who are suffering from anxiety or something else that could disturb their sleep. This dog bed is designed to help those types of dogs get a night of perfect rest. This dog bed has an exceptional quality lining and is an overall decent product to invest in.


High-quality cushions
Nice quality materials


Your dog might break the zipper on top
Needs more padding

Calming Dog Bed for Small Dogs

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Aptly named, this dog bed is like a big, soft, and warm hug for your dog as it is shaped in the form of a donut. This bed is lined by one of the softest materials available on the market. This bedding is made to last you a long time and is also easily washable. So if you have a prickly dog, try this calming bed dog to lure it to a calm, fitful sleep. And as far as its size is concerned, it works best for smaller dogs. 


Great design
Comfortable padding and material
Easily washable


Not suitable for bigger dogs
Not for power chewers

Donut Calming Dog Bed

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This donut-shaped bed is one of a few models that can accommodate dog breeds of all shapes and sizes. The product is made of a very comfortable material that is sure to put your dog to sleep, moments after it is settled down. Not to mention the fact that it is really easy to wash as well! This dog bed is waterproof and comes with a non-slip bottom that prevents your dog from sliding off it during the night.


It is super comfortable and cozy
Extremely easy to wash
It is very spacious and big


Could use more stuffing in the middle
The stitching could be better

Calming Dog Beds FAQs

What is a Dog Calming Bed?

Calming dog beds are specifically designed to help your canine to get a night of peaceful and satisfying sleep. And if not sleep, then just lie down or burrow into if they want a safe space.

This is because, just like humans, dogs can also get anxiety. These calming dog beds can be used to create a safe space for your dog if it gets an anxiety attack or gets scared of something.

There are many ways you can check whether your dog is suffering from an anxiety disorder, and if you should invest in a calming dog bed. But in case you’ve spotted your pup being restless during the night, buying a calming dog bed is a no-brainer. 

Do calming beds work for dogs?

It really depends on the severity of your dog’s issue. Suppose your dog is suffering from extreme anxiety or something else along those lines. In that case, just a calming dog bed won’t be enough. But on the other hand, several dogs suffering from anxiety and other things like that have shown a positive response to these beds. It helps them calm down and sleep. And this is why it is really important to have a quality bed. 

Best price for calming bed dog?

The price for dog beds ranges from really cheap to an extravaganza expensive. Some dog beds are more pricey, depending on what type of material they are made from. But really you can get a very decent option somewhere around $30-$40. 

How to wash a calming dog bed?

In most cases washing a dog bed is quite a straightforward job. Simply give it a turn in the washing machine and then introduce it to the dryer. Some dog beds come with linings that you can take off and put into the washing machine. And then after its done washing, take it out and then put it in the dryer. But I still suggest checking the washing guidelines on the specific bed you are purchasing. As depending on the materials used it may vary. 

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