Can Dogs Eat Plantains? (Fried, Raw, as Chips?)

If you’re worried about your dog survival after eating plantains, don’t be. According to the ASPCA, no plantains or bananas are harmful or toxic to dogs. So if your pup snatched a piece of the fruit, do not panic. Even more so it’s quite good for your dog.

Raw plantain nutrition:

There are 122 calories, 2.3 g of fiber, 0.4 g of fat, 15 g of sugar and an enormous number of vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins A, B6, and C in only in 100 g of plantains.

But there is so much more to it. The only drawback of adding plantains to pup’s diet is the common problem with introducing new food to pet’s regime: there’s a slight risk that he might experience gastrointestinal upset.  So keep an eye on things like stomach ache and loose stools in your four-legged friend.

Is it true that raw plantains are poisonous?

Uncooked plantains are not toxic to your pet. The controversy may arise from some other plant called plantains lily, which is terrible for dogs and indeed can be dangerous. This plant appears somewhat like lavender (not like a banana tree!), and it doesn’t produce any fruits.

However, large quantities of the raw plant should not be served anyways. Plants have dietary fiber and specific anti-bacterial characteristics. The fiber content may help relieve digestive issues, but it might also trigger additional gastrointestinal disturbance.

Are plantains bad for dogs?

No. It’s the exact opposite. Here are a few explanations why plantains can be a terrific food for dogs: first it helps with aspirin-induced ulcers. Studies have uncovered that plantain has some antimicrobial as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Because of inflamed bronchial passages, plantain can help soothe cough in the respiratory tract, as can be found in kennel cough. Plantain can also help relieve the cough. European study supports the idea of plantain being used as a therapy for human bronchitis and cold. And this idea extrapolates on dogs too. Plantains are high in fiber that is helpful for gut health.  

Plantain can minimize digestive system inflammation and also has antiseptic properties to protect against common food-borne pathogens, including Bacillus subtilus and Staphylococcus aureus. Not only can Plantain lessen the symptoms of chronic intestinal disease and diarrhea, but it is also helpful as a lubricant, assisting dogs to pass some inappropriate objects that have been accidentally eaten (like shoe parts, or squicky toys). This fruit also contains potassium that is beneficial to pups heart health.

Can dogs eat plantain chips?

It’s not recommended for your pet. Plantain chips may appear like an enticing snack, but it’s about five calories per chip. 30% of those calories are coming from fat. So, it’s about 30 g of excess fat per 100 g of chips. Do your pup need so many empty calories?

We would ask you to think of some other dog snacking alternatives, explicitly intended to make your dog healthy and happy.  For instance, those Jerky treats by Rocco & Roxie might be a great choice. Even pet-owners of picky eaters with sensitive bellies reported that this product is AMAZING.

And if you are wondering if its anything different with your dog eating banana chips, we recommend you to check out our guide on the subject.

Fried plantains nutrition

100g serving of fried green plantains contains 480 calories, 2g of protein, 74g of carbs, including 6g of fiber and 10g of sugars. It also has 20g of fat, including 10g of saturated fats. 

Can dogs eat fried plantains?

Your pup shouldn’t eat fried plantains. Issues with the liver can evolve if dog eats too many fats. So, although fried plantains taste truly wonderful, that variation is not exactly a healthy option, both for you and your dog.

It is always advisable to consult with your vet to figure out the appropriate amount of fried or fatty food that it’s ok to eat for your dog. But we would recommend avoiding fried plantains to keep it simple.

Сan dogs have plantains? Summary

It’s totally ok to serve small portions of boiled or steamed (not raw or fried) plantains to your dog from time to time.  Appropriately cooked mashed plantains are a great food in cases if your pup is suffering from stomach upset. Do not serve it with extra seasoning, sauces, fats or any unhealthy ingredients and your pet should be fine.

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