Dog Proof Trash Can Guide: Best Outdoor, Bath, and Kitchen Options

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In the research below I’ll cover everything from the possible reasons why your dog tend to get into the trash can at the first place to uncovering the best dog proof trash cans (for kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor). I’ll also talk about the features you might want to be aware of when purchasing the perfect one. And mention a few handy DIY trash can dog proofing ideas. 

If you are here just to find out what’s the best dog proof trash can Doghint’s top choice would be one: it’s a real game-changer when it comes to dog-proofing. With its locking lid that stays shut even when tipped over, the can is capable of putting an end to pup’s romance with the trash once and for all.

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Why do dogs keep getting into trash?

Dogs love to explore this world – and that tempting kitchen trash can is a very curious location on the pup’s world map. Long-time ago the scientists have come across the idea that dogs evolved from wolves. Those animals used to scavenge villages for leftovers and scraps. This genetic trend may be a cause of why your pup is going through your garbage. 

So, the passion for exploring – is a part of canine’s nature, and we, as the best ever pet parents, should allow it. Yet, we shouldn’t let our pups to eat into the trash. Although it can be an exhilarating experience, it can also be a poisonous one.

Why dog keeps getting into trash

Your dog can discover sharp bones, rotten food, and other similar items. In fact, sickness related to trash discoveries is so prevalent that vets have a name for it: “Garbage Enteritis.” It can be anything from diarrhea and vomiting to an intestinal blockage. Your trash is called trash for a reason, and if you are not eating it, neither should your dog. 

When your dog digs through your trash, it is like a game. Every smell in the garbage is unique. Pups’ senses tell them that there is a prize in the garbage, and they are determined to find it. Each trash item is also a chew toy. So, yes, there are many reasons why your dog keeps getting into that trash can. 

While your bathroom trash can is likely smaller than your kitchen one, it doesn’t mean there are fewer risks for your pet getting into it. It may hold medications, gels, or cleaners – items that could pose a potentially deadly risk to pets.

How to punish a dog for getting into trash? 

It’s important not to yell at your pup when it’s done. Your dog won’t know why you’re angry, as won’t connect it with the trash fun spree.

Wait until you catch your pup doing it and then express your disappointment with this action. You can leave the pet alone in the room and wait silently for your dog to start misbehaving. When he does, try to be clear in expressing that behavior isn’t tolerated.

Though never punish your dog physically. It will make the dog nervous and be counterproductive in the long run. The goal is to teach not to scare off your pup. 

How to keep your dog out of trash?

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Provide your dog with a daily dose of mental and physical stimulation, and the pup will be less likely to dig through the trash out of boredom
  • Work on dog’s obedience, so you can keep him from misbehaving.
  • Keep the can in an inaccessible cupboard or storage room.
  • You can also put the baby gates ( one is just perfect for the purpose) around the bin. Thus you communicate to your pup that the trash can is off-limits.
  • You can also try making the trash undesirable by using a deterrent device and putting it around the trash will probably keep the pooch away.
  • You can use dog trash can alarm. 

one by Amtek uses heat and motion sensors. So when your dog approaches it, the device will let out a very annoying screech. And if you are not a fan of sudden loud noises in your home, maybe you would like to consider using dog trash can deterrent. For instance, the one from – simply put it next to trash cans to train your dog avoiding off-limit spaces.

Alternatively, sprinkle baking soda on top of the trash. When your pet companion tastes the baking soda, he’ll dislike it and will stop invading the garbage.

But the most convenient, fastest and way more efficient solution for the problem would be getting a dog proof trash can.

Buyers guide to dog proof trash cans

Dog proof trash can is somewhat a luxury item, even though it helps you to save a lot of money and effort on cleaning and vet’s bills. So you want to make sure that you get the best one for the money.  

Here’s what you have to consider when picking the perfect dog-resistant garbage can: 


Trash cans come in different sizes. If you have a big family, it makes sense that you will collect more wastes, and therefore require a larger trash can — 13 gallons or more. And it’s perfectly fine to go with the smaller one if it’s just you and your pup in the house. 

Stay-put lid 

That type of lid won’t topple off or tip open, even when your pup is actively engaging with the can itself.

Locking mechanism 

This feature is helpful when it comes to preventing your pup from putting his nose into the trash can.


The location of the dog-proof trash can is another important feature when choosing a proper item. If it is going to be in the kitchen, you may want to choose something more massive than the bathroom ones and smaller than an outdoor-based trash can. And you will also want to make sure that can’s design is a good fit for the location. 


Heavier and larger options will be more challenging for most dogs to fall over.


Sufficiently sturdy material that your dog won’t be able to use sheer force to chew right through it to get to the goods inside. Most dog-proof trash cans are made of plastic or stainless steel.

Plastic cans are quite durable and lightweight. So those are easy to empty. Those also will usually not damage your floors, but in most cases, they are more accessible for dogs. 

Stainless steel cans are heavier and more durable than plastic. Those are more challenging to access for pets and come in various, sometimes wondrous, designs.

Pro tip: avoid trash cans with motion sensors. As soon as your pup is anywhere near the trash can, the lid will automatically open. So all your efforts on separating your dog from the trash will inevitably fail.

So what is the best dog proof trash can?

Dog proof bathroom trash can

This trash can is relatively small – just 1.4 gallons. But would you even want a larger one for your bathroom? It features the lid that opens wide and closes slowly and quietly. It has a removable inner bucket with the metal handle, for easy waste disposal.

It looks cute and fits any space wonderfully. And FINALLY, dogs can’t get into your bathroom trash. The only con is the price. However, this item seems to be built to last, so it will pay for itself in the long run. 

Additional details and more reviews from Amazon buyers can be found

Dog proof kitchen trash can

This Simplehuman trash can comes with 10 years warranty and fits 45l of trash, even though it’s so slim. 

It opens silently and stays open if you’re working over the top. It’s protected with fingerprint-proof coating, so its stainless steel surface remains relatively spotless. It’s beautiful (who would have thought that I’ll define trash can this way one day) and equipped with the sturdy steel pedal, that built to last. 

And last, but not least, this can not only keeps pups out of the trash but also seals in any odors. Perfect find. 

Additional details and more reviews from Amazon buyers can be found

Best dog proof trash can

This trash can by Rilite is a real game-changer when it comes to dog-proofing. It has a locking lid that stays shut even when tipped over, so no pup will pass. It looks nice, easy to clean, and holds a lot (12.6 gallons). The design makes it impossible for dogs to open the lid even when it’s not locked. 

Additional details and more reviews from Amazon buyers can be found

Dog proof outdoor trash can

This massive (33 gallon) outdoor trash hideaway is perfect for any patio or deck. It looks pretty, stable, easy to assemble, and made of durable resin to stay dry even during the rainy season. It features the functional latching lid, so garbage won’t blow out of the can, and it will be a real challenge for your dog to get it. Great… no, even fantastic value for the price. 

Additional details and more reviews from Amazon buyers can be found

How to dog proof trash can yourself? 

how to dog proof trash can yourself

If you enjoy doing things yourself, you can try to dog-proof the trash can you already own. For that, you will only need to install the small lock on it. You can use something like for the purpose. 

Here’s what to do next: 

Set the can on its side, and laid the lock on the front of the can: half on the lid, the other half on the item (as it would be when closed and locked). Mark the holes with a sharpie. 

Drill the holes where marked and fasten the lock to the can with . 

All done? Congratulations, you’ve successfully dog proof your trash can. 

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