Corgi Lab Mix: Training and Grooming tips + Personality Quirks

Corgi Lab Mix is a cross between the Corgi and Labrador Retriever dog breeds. Very humble yet energetic, these dogs inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. 

And since the popularity of this mutt is growing, let’s try to figure out what you might expect if you decide to adopt a Corgidor. 

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How else is a Corgi Lab mix called?

As it’s common with the designer dog breeds, it may go by many names. Apart from Corgi Lab Mix, you may come across Corgidor or Labrazi. Not to mention “Corgis mixed with Lab,” Lab/Corgi Mix., etc.  

Lab Corgi: mix specifications

Average Weight30 to 60 pounds
Average Height12 to 23 inches
Average Lifespan10 to 13 years
Easy to TrainFairly easy
Energy LevelHigh
Space Requirementsboth smaller/larger spaces are OK
PersonalityPlayful, smart, and cheerful

How big do Lab Corgi mix dogs get?

corgi lab mix

Corgis are much shorter and lighter-weight dogs than Labs, with a mix of these two breeds having a size that usually runs somewhere in between. The weight of a full-grown Corgidor will also depend on the dominant genes. Typically a Labrazi will weigh between 30 and 60 pounds and stand between 12 inches and 23 inches tall.

What is the life span of the Corgidor?

You can expect your Corgidor to live anywhere between 10 and 13 years and perhaps a little longer if you take good care of the pup. 

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Labragi temperament

The two breeds that make up the Labragi couldn’t have two more different temperaments. Labs tend to be laid back and extremely friendly and playful and are excellent with children. Corgi’s, on the other hand, were bred for herding, they can often be barkers and nippers and are not considered a good dog for children (unless trained properly early on).

When you mix the two breeds, you can get a dog whose temperament most resembles a Lab, a Corgi, or may fall somewhere between the two.

corgidor temperament

How easy is it to train a Corgi and Lab mix?

A Corgi/Lab mix is an easy dog to train in many ways due to the Corgi’s intelligence and the Lab’s eagerness to please. However, since many of these dogs, especially when young, tend to be extremely playful, they tend to learn in their own time. Your best bet in training them is ignoring undesirable behavior and giving them plenty of praise and rewards.

Training tips for Corgi/Lab mix

When training a Corgidor, you want to start your training when your new puppy or dog arrives. Here are some tips:

  • Start by making sure your puppy is well socialized to help overcome any aggressive tendencies.
  • Keep training sessions short and end on a positive note
  • Hold your training session after your dog has been fully exercised, as they will be calmer and more able to pay attention.
  • Be consistent with your training and lavish your dog with praise when they do something correctly.
  • Be firm but patient, during the training. Never yell at your dog when they make a mistake.

Do Corgis mixed with Lab shed?

Both Corgis and Labs are year-round shedders, so you can expect your Corgidor to be a shedder as well.

Labragi grooming and care

Grooming your Labragi is not as difficult or as time-consuming as you might imagine. Since this breed of dog has short hair, a quick brushing once or twice a week, and giving your dog a bath as needed is the major part of their grooming.

You also should brush your dogs at least once a wee and trim your dog’s nails regularly. Make sure you visit your vet regularly to ensure that your dog remains in good health.

Lab/Corgi mix possible health issues

Usually, mix breed dogs have fewer health problems than purebred counterparts. However, there are many issues prevalent in both Labs and Corgis that you need to be aware of. These issues include such conditions as elbow and shoulder dysplasia, hip dysplasia, cataracts, kidney disease, and more.

So when adopting a Labragi, make sure to examine the health record of your pup’s parents. Hence, you are more aware of any health problems your pet may experience.

Corgi Lab mix: is it right for you and your family? 

Corgi/Lab mixes are not considered a good dog for families with small children because of the “herding” past. However, if socialized well, these dogs will do great. In terms of personality, Corgidors are fabulous pups to own. Not only are they warm and affectionate, but they are super enthusiastic to please their owners. 

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