13 Barkworthy Dog Pajamas: Plaid, Christmassy, Cutest, and Cheapest

Dog pajamas might be a massive help in maintaining your home furless during the shedding season, and keep less hairy four-legged friends warm during the cold seasons. 

And is there anything more pawesome than watching your pupper going around wearing cute little pajamas? If you agree with me, then your answer would be “No.” 

In that case, you have to read further to check out the selection of super cute PJs appropriate for any occasion. #10 is my personal favorite. Wonder which one will be yours?

You can use the table of contents below to navigate this list and jump into any outfit of your choice quickly. 

#1 Matching dog and owner pajamas: soft jersey option

Cute button up pajamas made of super soft, breathable jersey, comfortable to wear for any member of the family, practically during any season. Terrific quality, holding up well with multiple washes. Might seem pricey but you and (possibly) your pup probably never wore anything as cute and comfy as this one.

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#2 Matching dog and owner pajamas: plaid classic 

With these PJs, no one has been left out of the matching fun, even the family pooch. Soft, warm, and comfy, you will love the feel of the material! These also have pockets. All in all, perfect for taking a matching family photo.

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#3 Dog Christmas pajamas (works for the whole family too)

Such cute jammies made of 100% soft pre-shrunk cotton, so expect no further shrinking. This PJs do not have elastic around the hind end, but it’s great in a way, as it’s not so tight and does not cut off pup’s circulation. Adorable, excellent craftsmanship, and extremely easy to take on and off. Ever wish it was Christmas every day? With this set, you can make it happen (almost). 

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#4 Large dog pajamas

Although sometimes it feels like pajamas work better for smaller doggos, this one might be suitable for larger breeds too. If your pup is up to 70-80lbs, this unicorn jammy should work as long as you’ll familiarize yourself with the size chart. 

It’s stretchy and soft and cozy. But not super thick, so there would be no added warmth, but you’ll get some help with shedding.

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#5 Plaid dog pajamas

Pawesome classic plaid PJs. Super soft, thick, a bit stretchy and high quality. Stands out to washing. And your pup will look so cute in the family photo! 

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#6 Fleece dog pajamas

Yet another set of amazing pajamas for your dog baby. For those who like it even softer. It’s cute, and it will provide a little warmth and also very easy to get on and off. Suitable for small dogs like Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise, etc.

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#7 Dog thermal pajamas

This one is SO cute, warm, soft, and really fuzzy! It provides excellent coverage to keep your pup cozy. But at the same time, it doesn’t hide his rear, so that he doesn’t soil the outfit when going potty. 

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#8 Duck pajamas for dogs

Adorable and soft little jammies! It is thick like a sweatshirt, warm onesie. It designed with abdominal openings to allow your girl or boy to pee without scruple. The fabric (100% breathable cotton) is pretty good for the price. So, most likely, you’ll be amazed at how well it is made. 

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# 9 Cheap dog pajamas

These super-soft pajamas will keep your doggo comfortable while limiting hair and dander on your furniture or bed. PJs are an especially great accessory for keeping puppies, who have less fat than adult dogs, warm during cold nights. These pajamas are made from a poly-cotton blend and can be machine washed with cold water for easy cleaning. PJs look so FUN and ones of the most inexpensive on our list. 

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# 10 Cute dog pajamas: slothesome version 

These sloth-featuring super cute lightweight jammies are great for warmer times of the year when the air conditioning is on or if you have a blanket lover. The quality is great, and it holds the shape and color after washing pretty well. And I bet you couldn’t help yourself from smiling once your pup will wear those for the first time. 

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#11 Cute dog pajamas again: with various pawtastic prints 

These jammies come in several colors, they made well, super soft and bright, survive washing machine and make any pup look more adorable in a whim. And they also priced well. Suitable for smaller breeds like Poodle, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel, Chihuahua, etc. 

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#12 Batman dog pajamas

Technically it’s not pajamas. But let’s forget about out. Because if there are any Batman fans in your family, you’ll enjoy this little dog outfit for sure. The shirt is super comfy, made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton jersey blend. It has that soft, warm feel to it but looks great. 

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#13 Striped dog pajamas

Cute all seasons pajamas for the fans of everything classy. Comes in several sizes (but you have to make sure to peruse size chart carefully before making a purchase). The material (soft cotton) is lovely, and the item is sewn together well. Overall, it’s a beautiful outfit. And you don’t have to take it off or do anything if your pup needs to go potty while wearing it. Perfect. 

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