20 Fluffy Dog Breeds: Huge, Big, Small, Toy, Cutest & More

All dogs are amazing. But fluffy dog breeds are practically born for cuddles. If you are looking to adopt a pup and big on petting, squeezing, and hugging, I’ve shortlisted the best choices to consider.  

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Huge fluffy dog breeds


Newfoundland’s sweet and kind personality has made this breed one of the most wanted big fuzzy dogs. They are also adventures and love swimming. So if you are into outdoors and all that – Newfoundland can be a fantastic trip associate. And of course, thanks to its thick coat, you would love to cuddle with them. 


It is one of the new dog breeds hailing from Germany. This breed is a mixture of keeshond, chow chows, and Samoyeds. One of their cool characteristics is cosmic coats, and this is why I like Eurasier a lot.  

Still, they can be easily groomed, and you need to brush them not more than twice a week to take care of all the dead hairs. Eurasier’s gigantic size is one of its specialties. You can rely on their loyalty, which is the reason they can be your perfect house dogs.  


This breed of dog is known as giant fluffy dogs. Leonberger has a thick and long coat, so they need proper care and attention. Moreover, it is mandatory to brush their coats twice a week to maintain their fancy looks. 

They are high-energy dog breeds so you can have them as your partner during exercise and the long walks. Leonbergers are usually very good with families, so it’s another ball in their court.  

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Big fluffy dogs

Pyrenees Mountain Dog

This is a big fluffy dog breed and often used for guarding purposes. Pyrenees Mountain Dog has big white coats and exceptional hearing skills to hear you from an impressive distance. 

I personally admire their loud bark, which they can use to protect their homes. But if you are not much into barking, early socialization can eliminate this problem.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow’s specialty is that they look like lions, so they are also known as lion dogs. They are fluffy and have those long and dense coats. Their appearance depends on their long coats, so you need to brush them once a week to keep the grace alive. 

One of the most interesting characteristics of this breed is that they have a blue-black tongue. According to Chinese lore, chow chows gain this character at the time of creation. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the biggest as well as the fluffiest of the lot. Bernese origin was Switzerland, and they were bred as working and guarding dogs. They are known for their loyal and affectionate nature. The best thing about this dog breed is that you can keep in your house due to a happy-go-lucky personality. 

Bernese Mountain Dogs have fleecy coats that can shed all the year. They have the heaviest shedding in spring and autumn. 

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff is not only one of the biggest, but one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. Impressive manes that cover the neck and the shoulder are one of the reasons I included this breed in this list. But keep in mind that it sheds. 

This dog breed is known for its loyalty, and it can be a perfect pick for guard dogs. Tibetan Mastiff is a stubborn and territorial dog breed, so early puppy training is recommended to prevent pessimistic behaviors.  

Golden Mountain dog

Golden Mountain dog is a family dog. Despite its size, this dog is caring, friendly, and loyal. You can keep this dog breed in your house, and your kids, adults, and oldies will enjoy each and every second of it. 

Golden Mountain dog is the result of two mix-breed: Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog. This is an intelligent dog and can please the owners. 

Small Fluffy Dogs 


One of the cutest things about this dog breed is that they come in various sizes. Since its a mix between Labrador and Poodles, it depends on the parents and dominant genes.  

The friendly and smart nature of Labradoodles makes them an automatic choice for someone who is looking for a small dog breed. Despite being a fluffy dog, Labradoodles are hypoallergenic, and they are adorable at the same moment. 


Cockapoo is a cross between Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. Having both characteristics of Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, they are intelligent and easily trainable. If I want a dog with whom I can play, I would definitely go for Cockapoo because of their uncanny behavior. Plus, they have a thick furry coat that makes them a perfect fit in this fluffy dogs’ list.  


The close relatives of Havanese are Maltese dogs, but they are smaller and sturdier. They have a friendly and loyal nature. Havanese can get along with their owners and family members, but they will keep an eye on the stranger. 

This characteristic makes them a good watchdog breed. The best thing about Havanese is the cuddly body. Even your kids can play and love him.


I prefer Pekingese over any other breed because it has one of the softest coats that can be molded according to the latest fashion trends. And their faces are so cute! With that being said, they are very stubborn in nature, and you need to train them more often than not to teach them how to behave outside. 

Fluffy toy dog breeds

Coton de Tulear

Perhaps you won’t find a fluffier toy dog than Coton. The hair texture is so soft and cottony that you can easily fall in love with them. Not only are they fluffy, but they do have a cuddling size too (and they love to snuggle by the way). 

However, this is one of the rare dog breeds on his list, so it might take time to find one amazing Coton. 

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Not quite common, but it is one of the best family fluffy toy pets. And anyone, including your kids, will find playing with this bread a pleasure. 

They are faithful, smart, and loving dogs. Like Coton de Tulear, they are also very rare, especially in the US. 

White fluffy dog breeds


Samoyed was originally bred in Siberia for hunting purposes. This white fluffy dog breed has a thick coat. The outer coat is fluffy and helps them keep warm in the sub-freezing atmosphere. 

The anger level is something that is usually associated with this breed. This doesn’t mean that this dog will not love you and your family members. If you train this dog well, there isn’t a better pet, perhaps. 

Bichon Frise

An immaculate white curly appearance makes Bichon Frise is an attractive looking dog breed. Keep in mind that this is one of the expensive breeds.

Also, they require regular haircuts and grooming to keep them in their original shape. 

Bichon Frise tends to attach with its owner, so you cannot keep your puppy alone. This dog breed can become aggressive if left alone. 

Cutest fluffy dogs


It’s small, it’s fluffy, and it’s adorable. Much like Bichon Frise, you can associate loyalty with Pomeranian. This dog breed has a foxy face and a fantastic coat. Poms’ vibrant personality has made them one of the most popular amongst all the cute breeds in the world. 

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is also known as “The Little Lion.” They are small, fluffy, and affectionate. One of the best things about them is that they love to be in your lap. Their fluffy appearance will make you fall in love with them when they are in your lap. 

Shih Tzu is a great family dog, and your kids will love to play around. Their cuteness can be judged that they will behave normal and friendly even to strangers. 


If you like to play and have fun with your puppies, I think you should consider Papillion. A family who is sensitive to dander can choose Papillion because of their non-shedding characteristics. 

On the dark side, Papillion will bark incessantly. 

They not only bark at strangers, but they bark at other dogs as well. It still has a very adorable face, yet if you don’t train them early on, your neighbors may not like it because of the excessive barking. 

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is cute and fluffy. Additionally, this dog breed can be used to guard your house. The breed is wary of strangers, and they can do anything to protect their owners and families. 

They are also one of the most endearing and entertaining to watch pups. On top of it, these cute fluffy dogs are considered being very intelligent, so you can train them as much as you can. 

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