Beagle Hound Mix: Care and Training. Your Full Guide To Bagels

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How else do they call Beagle Hound mix?

The Beagle Hound mix is also known as the Bagel Hound, this is a combination between the Beagle and Basset Hound. It’s called the Bagel Hound as well.

Beagle Hound mix: breed specifications

Average Weight30-55 pounds
Average Height12-17 inches
Average Lifespan10 to 15 years
Easy to TrainNo
Energy LevelMedium
Space RequirementsApartment is fine
PersonalityFriendly, affectionate, and stubborn

How much does Hound Beagle mix puppy weigh?

You can expect the Bagel Hound puppy to be anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds. 

How big will a Bagel Hound mix get?

You can expect the Beagle Hound mix to be 12-17 inches tall, and adults can go up to 30- 55 pounds. Yes, this is not the tallest pet that you will have, but it’s cute, though. 

Cute Bagel girl called Wendy (@wendy.the.pupper)

The lifespan of Beagle Basset mix

It’s ok to expect a lifespan of 10-15 years for the Beagle Hound mix, like in the case of most dogs. The most important thing here is attention and maintenance, if you take good care of him, he might be able to live for quite some time. 

Beagle Basset Hound mix temperament

This is a curious and friendly dog that will play with the kids very often, he can also get into trouble at times. This is one of the dog breeds that can be very friendly, and people around him will like it a lot.

The Beagle Hound mix can also be very affectionate and cheerful, yet also stubborn at times. 

Wendy is putting on her friendly look

How easy is it to train a Beagle and Hound mix?

The pet itself can be hard to train. However, it shouldn’t stop you, as there are definitely parts of training you have to consider, such as socializing.

Training tips for your Beagle Hound mix

Your pet needs to start socializing early on, and you should also consider positive reinforcements if possible. Using food to make your pet do something is not always a good idea, but in this case, it will work very well.

Your pet will soon understand the importance of training, yet at first, you will need to offer him more and more food. However, with a variety of training sessions, you will eventually make him enjoy training and have fun with it.

Basset Hound Beagle mix grooming and care

The Beagle Hound mix doesn’t have a whole lot of grooming requirements, which is a great thing. That being said, it’s vital to brush him once a week to remove the loose hairs. A bath can also be ok once a month or even less frequent than that.

The idea here is to use special dog shampoos to avoid any possible complications (e.g I really like this one Honeydew Oatmeal formula – it doesn’t have any sulfates or parabens in it and works on many conditions at once – skin issues, odors, fur quality etc.)

Also, the Beagle Hound mix might need some nail trimming. Besides, clean his ears by wiping them with a moist cloth regularly if possible.   

Just Wendy being pretty

Beagle Basset mix: possible health issues

The Beagle Hound mix can be prone to some illnesses like epilepsy. It can also be prone to eye and weight problems, hip dysplasia, and back problems, as well. So you’ll have to take this pet to the vet often.

Bagel Hound: fun facts to know 

  • The Beagle Hound mix is one of those pets that love to eat a lot.
  • They get along with cats rather well, unlike most dogs

Beagle Basset mix: is it right for you and your family?  

The Beagle Hound mix seems to be a perfect fit for families. They are great with children, and they are quite a breeze to take care of. A few walks per day will be more than enough for the Beagle Hound mix. And apart from regular vet checkups, this is a great dog to own. So you might want to consider it. 

Credits: thanks for the photo to Canva and to a wonderful pup called Wendy (@wendy.the.pupper)

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