Can You Use Human Ear Drops In Dogs?

As humans, we have a variety of ear ailments, and thankfully, most of them are treatable. For example, if we have blocked or sore ears, we frequently purchase ear drops to treat the condition. However, ear disorders and infections affect more than simply humans. Many dogs are prone to ear infections and other issues, but … Read more

Can You Use Allergy Eye Drops In Dogs?

Allergies are not a common cause of dog eye problems. Nonetheless, they can happen. Dogs allergic to a specific allergen, such as pollen or molds, might develop chronic eye discomfort. They will typically notice that their eyes are irritated and even runny. The eyes will be red, swollen, and painful in severe cases. In addition, … Read more

Do Peas Affect Fertility In Dogs?

For many years, people have been curious about peas and dog fertility. However, there is no conclusive scientific data to show that eating peas impacts fertility in dogs. However, there are a few things you should be aware of. Do you have a specific question about peas affecting fertility in dogs? Then use the table … Read more

Do Antibiotics Cause Frequent Urination In Dogs?

Frequent urination in dogs is classified into two types: an insatiable desire to urinate, which can indicate other disorders, and incontinence, which is more of a lack of awareness of urine. While incontinence can be caused by different disorders, it can also be a symptom of other issues in the body, such as bladder infections, … Read more

Can Dehydration In Dogs Cause Seizures? 

Suppose you’re a dog owner or thinking about getting a furry friend in your life. In that case, keeping your dog healthy is naturally a priority for you. However, a common question that you may be wondering is- can dehydration in dogs cause seizures?  Dehydration is a huge cause for concern when you have a … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Treat Heartworms In Dogs? 

If you’re a dog parent, then there’s a possibility that you’ve come across the term heartworms. But heartworms as a health threat is a vast topic. So, if you’re a concerned canine parent wondering how much does it cost to treat heartworms in dogs and other pertinent questions associated with heartworms in dogs, just read … Read more

Can Lyme Disease In Dogs Cause Seizures? 

As a dog parent, the idea that there’s a possibility that your canine companion might get Lyme disease can be devastating. A Lyme disease diagnosis can be tough to accept. Although you want to avoid the possibility of a Lyme disease diagnosis for your dog as a dog parent, it’s still better to be informed … Read more

Do Microchips In Dogs Expire? And How Do They Work?

One of the significant concerns that any dog parent would have is the fear of their furry buddy getting lost. The thought of your canine companion going missing can be devastating. Given that it’s quite a common risk for dogs to lose their way back home and consequently end up in a shelter, it’s very … Read more

Can Cataracts In Dogs Be Treated Without Surgery? 

As a dog owner, canine cataracts may be something that you’ve been thinking about. Eye problems in general and cataracts, in particular, can cause concern for pet parents. Amongst the various eye problems in dogs, canine cataracts are definitely worth knowing about. Can cataracts in dogs be treated without surgery is a question raised by … Read more

14 Of The Most Common Dog Health Misconceptions

If you’re a pet owner, you have undoubtedly heard several myths about pet health. You might even believe some of them unknowingly. While some pet myths are pretty harmless, some may cause harm. Some may even delay the pets from getting the treatment they need.  Below are some of the most common myths about pet … Read more

How Expensive Is It To Treat Mange In Dogs?

Mange is an extremely painful and irritating skin condition in dogs. This is a result of an overgrowth of mites in your dog’s skin. The naked eye cannot see these mites as they are microscopic. Mange can lead to fur coat loss redness, cause extreme irritation to your dog, and require immediate treatment and attention.  … Read more

Can You Use Savlon in Dogs?

Dogs can get scratches and injuries while playing outside or inside the house. To treat these, can you use Savlon in dogs? This is a valid question in the minds of dog owners because some medicines are common with humans in their scope and application. Savlon is one medicine that we reach out to for … Read more

Can you use Polysporin ear drops in dogs?

Has your dog been shaking its ears more than normal? Do you notice increased scratching around its ears? These are just a few symptoms of a probable ear infection in your dog. Can you use Polysporin ear drops in dogs? This drug in drops form is found in many medicine cabinets. We humans use this … Read more

Can Drinking Too Much Water Cause Bloat In Dogs?

You’ve heard the modern-day adage: “Stay hydrated!” That also applies to your dog. Ensure there is plenty of clean, fresh water on hand, especially in hot weather. However, is it conceivable for your dog to drink too much water? As crucial as avoiding dehydration is, there is such a thing as too much of a … Read more

Can You Use Baby Shampoo In Dogs?

If you don’t have dog shampoo on hand the next time your pup needs a bath, go for a bottle of something else in your bathroom. A single, isolated bath in baby shampoo, while not ideal, is unlikely to be damaging to any dog. However, contrary to popular belief, baby shampoo is not suitable for … Read more

Does Dewormer Cause Diarrhea In Dogs?

Deworming is critical for removing internal parasites from young pups and new dogs brought into a home. Parasites are a serious threat to a dog’s health. In addition, certain forms of parasites can be passed on to human family members. All puppies should be dewormed every 2 to 4 weeks until they reach the age … Read more

Will Tobacco Kill Worms In Dogs?

When it comes to treating worms in a dog, some pet parents prefer natural methods to medications. A modest amount of chewing tobacco mixed with the animal’s meal may be sufficient to eliminate the parasite. The nicotine in chewing tobacco serves as a toxin to parasites. Still, it has insufficient components to harm a cat … Read more

Does Wet Food Cause Diarrhea In Dogs?

For dogs who inhale their kibble, wet food is the ideal answer. When they gulp it down without chewing, it makes digestion much more difficult for your dog’s body, leading to stomach problems. Because wet food is already moist, it is much easier to digest. However, some people believe that wet food causes diarrhea in … Read more

Does Chicken Cause Tear Stains in Dogs?

Tear staining is more commonly seen on white pets, but it can occur on any color pet. It turns the coat around the eyes brown, crimson, or copper in color. Tear staining has long been thought to be caused by epiphora (excessive tear production). However, this is not always the case. And if you’ve heard … Read more

Do Antibiotics Increase Thirst in Dogs?

While antibiotics may cause various adverse effects in dogs, increasing thirst does not appear to be one of them. However, some puppies may still feel the need to drink more while on medicine for various reasons. I’ll go over the majority of them below. Do you have a specific question about antibiotics affecting dog’s thirst? … Read more

Can You Use Clear Eyes in Dogs Eyes?

There are a wide variety of eye problems that your dog can suffer from. These eye problems are painful for your dog. Still, at the same time, they can also have debilitating long-term effects if not treated correctly. Since the eye is a susceptible organ, you have to be very careful with the treatment plan. … Read more

How Accurate is Ultrasound in Dogs?

Dogs may have health or maintenance issues during their lifetime. A lot of these may involve their vital organs like kidneys or heart. Ultrasound is recommended by vets as a safe and non-invasive investigation tool to determine the reasons for dogs’ distress. Ultrasound in a dog guides effective treatment for various afflictions during their lifespan … Read more

Dog Acid Reflux Symptoms (+ Relief)

Acidity and gastric problems are prevalent in human beings. But did you know that many well-documented acid reflux in dogs’ symptoms have been documented? Gastroesophageal reflux is characterized by the reverse flow of gastric fluids through the tube that connects our throat to the stomach. The incidence of gastroesophageal reflux is quite common in dogs. … Read more

Do German Shepherds shed? Is It Worse Than Other Breeds?

German Shepherds are one of those dog breeds that everyone immediately is familiar with. They are known to be strong, brave, courageous, and loyal. It is definitely a dog breed that protects and learns fast–exactly why it is one of the most popular dog breeds, ranking #2 by the American Kennel Club. Of course, each … Read more

Symptoms of Flea Collar Poisoning + Side Effects of Seresto, Hartz, Salvo, etc

Flea collars have been used to kill and repel fleas for a long time. They have remained popular because of their simplicity and effectiveness, although other flea prevention products have emerged like oral tablets, dips, shampoos, etc.  Basically, their mode of action is to release pesticides into your pet’s sebaceous glands and hair follicles, and … Read more

Best Dog Toothache Remedy: OTC and Natural Option

When you are a dog parent, you become responsible for your pet’s health and hygiene. It is a big responsibility, and you should prepare yourself for this in every manner possible. One of the most excruciating pains that dogs (or even humans) feel is toothache. Hence, you need some dog toothache remedy at such a … Read more

How To Groom Goldendoodles: 5 Easy Steps

The Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog resulting from crossbreeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever. These designer dogs have spiked in popularity in recent years due to their dashing looks and good manners. Since Goldendoodles are a cross between two different breeds, they inherit their looks and personalities from their two parents. And since their parent breeds … Read more

10 Best Natural Solutions for Dog Anxiety

Many animals, including our beloved pets, suffer from stress and anxiety just as we do. A recent study showed that 72.5% of all dogs display some kind of anxiety-related behavior. And it’s a serious matter because it seriously affects the lifespan of a pup, and not in a good way. There are many methods to relieve your pet’s anxious feelings naturally, … Read more

Why My Dog Doesn’t Bark: 6 Fascinating Reasons

“I have a dog, and my dog doesn’t bark.” Such an admission can be a source of confusion for your friends and family members. But think about it as if your dog is too smart to waste its energy barking all the time. Jokes aside, if you are looking for a more detailed explanation of … Read more